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Alan Wake 2: Kalevala Knights Workshop Backroom lock combination

If you need the weird door code for the Kalevala Knights Workshop backroom, then we've got the answers in this guide
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There are a fair few cryptic puzzles to get your noggin around in Alan Wake 2, and one of many that you will come across is the door combination for the Kalevala Knights Workshop backroom. Getting inside the workshop isn’t too much of a problem – it will happen over the course of the story – but the backroom is locked up with a padlock covered in weird symbols.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know to open up the Kalevala Knights Workshop backroom in Alan Wake 2.

Kalevala Knights Workshop backroom lock combination – AW2


If you’re just here for the easy answers – I don’t blame you – then you should know that the lock code for the Kalevala Knights Workshop backroom is two opposing triangles pointing up and down, two opposing disjointed triangles with the left point up and right down, and two opposing triangles pointing towards one another, up and down. If that’s confusing, maybe just peep at our pic above.

How to find the Kalevala Knights backroom code – AW2


There’s a hint to look inside the cup with a smiling face on it – which is a bit vague, admittedly – but if you head to the opposite side of the workshop and check this large pale cup, it’ll have a smile on it. Go around the side, and you’ll see a symbol not only inside the cup, but on the equipment behind it. Line them up for the door combination.