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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: Ancestor Skill locations

Where to find every Ancestor Skill in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and what they do

Early on in your adventure, you and your fellow freed Na’vi will be able to reconnect with a special plant that lets you see a vision of your ancestors. By connecting with these plants all across Pandora, you’ll be able to learn new skills separate from the regular skill tree. There are twelve to find in the game that you obtain by connecting with the plants.

We’ll show you where all of the Ancestor Skills can be found on Pandora, so you can have a full set of skills as early as possible.

1st Tier Ancestor Skills

These are the first set of Ancestor Skills that can all be found in Kinglor Valley, the first area of the map available at the start of the game. After doing the quest that introduced them to you, the rest should appear on your map, but you can double-check the locations by scrolling through our gallery above.

It’s worth noting that for some of these plants, you’ll need to destroy nearby RDA bases to clear out the pollution before you can obtain the skill.

Here are all the available skills in this tier:

  • Air Boost – Double jump
  • Deeper Connection – Increased Ikran stamina
  • Drop Impact – Increased melee damage when dropping onto enemies
  • Eject – Pull stunned enemies out of AMP suits
  • Soft Landing – Press a button on landing to lessen fall damage

2nd Tier Ancestor Skills

For the 2nd tier you’ll need to progress through the main story to the point where the next main area is unlocked, but like before, they should all be highlighted on the map. Once again, we have a gallery above of all the locations.

Here are all the available skills in this tier:

  • Free Fast Travel – Fast travel…but free
  • Ghost Strike – Better aim with arrows when undetected
  • Screech Ability – Your Ikran can stun enemies with a screech
  • Way of the Diplomat – Earn more favor with clans
  • Wing Gust – Ikran can damage and stun enemies

3rd Tier Ancestor Skills

These final two skills are late-game abilities, and we don’t yet know exactly what they do, or where to get them, but keep an eye on this space as we will update this guide as soon as we know.