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Just like Moon Pearls are for Cereza, Cheshire needs Inferno Fruit in order to unlock new abilities. These let you do more attacks in combat, and will let you do combos which give you some invincibility. These are essential for many of the later fights where things get a little hectic. You’ll also be rewarded with the Blundering Witch costume if you find them all and get all of Cheshire’s abilities.


While all the Inferno Fruit are marked on the map once you clear all of the Tír na nÓgs, they aren’t always the easiest to find. Sometimes you have to approach from a different area of the map, or solve a puzzle in order to grab it. Here’s how to reach every Inferno Fruit in Bayonetta Origins.

Bayonetta Origins: All Moon Pearl locations

There are 13 Inferno Fruit hidden throughout the overworld of Bayonetta Origins and it can be quite tricky to find them all. Here’s how you can reach each Fruit.


Chalkroot Hollow

There is one Inferno Fruit hidden in Chalkroot Hollow.

  • Lower - On the lowest part of this level to the right, you will see a bridge that you can move with the Water power. Pull it over and hop to the island with the fruit on it.

Púca’s Fortress

There is one Inferno Fruit in Púca’s Fortress.

  • In the second room you find that’s full of cogs. You need to ride the one vertical cog all the way to the right. Climb the ladder and there will be a Fruit.

Sunspeckled Grove

There are four Inferno Fruit in Sunspeckled Grove.

  • Mid - As part of the main story, after you find the Sanctuary here, you will fight a battle and be rewarded with a Fruit.
  • Lower - Enter from the lower path of Lake Nimueh, and before the broken bridge, use Wood Cheshire to drag the purple flower to the higher platform. Break through some roots to find the Fruit.
  • Lower - From the same high platform follow the path around, and you will find green reeds that will carry you across to an island on the right.
  • Lower - Enter from Chalkroot Hollow, and use the Ground power to smash through the floor to pick up a Fruit.

Faerieland Tower

There is one Inferno Fruit in Faerieland Tower.

  • Lower - After the area, you jump down and see loads of pots; there will be an area with three paths: a stairway going up to Watchtower, a path straight ahead, and a stairway to the right going down. Take the path down to find a Fruit.

Windy Knot

There is one Inferno Fruit at the Windy Knot.

  • Upper - At the start of the area, you will see a train. You can go up above it and hop on board. This will take you to an upper platform with a Inferno Fruit. You will need to use Cheshire to slingshot across.

Ashenbark Woods

There is one Inferno Fruit in Ashenbark Woods.

  • On the right, you will see an island with a large spring on it. There are two singing flowers that you can use to take you across.

Sunkissed Shore

There is one Inferno Fruit on Sunkissed Shore.

  • You can find this one just to the right of the Sanctuary.

Forgotten Knoll

There are three Inferno Fruit in Forgotten Knoll.

  • Upper - Once you have rescued 25 Wisps, return to Colm and he will reward you with an Inferno Fruit.
  • Upper - Head towards the screen from the Sanctuary and you will find a tower you need to climb. Go under a gate to find this Fruit.
  • Mid - Once you cross the large round platform that works like a seesaw, there is a small hidden path at the next tower with a Fruit at the bottom.