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In Bayonetta Origins, Moon Pearls are needed in order to level up Cereza’s abilities. These are the people trapped in crystal that you see throughout the overworld. Not only will collecting all the Moon Pearls help you out in battle, but it will also unlock the Pesky Demon costume, one of the cutest in the game. 


Bayonetta Origins: All Moon Pearl locations


There are 13 Moon Pearls hidden throughout the world of Bayonetta and it can be quite tricky to find them all. Here’s how you can reach each Pearl.

Chalkroot Hollow

There are two Moon Pearls hidden in Chalkroot Hollow.

  • Upper - From the sanctuary, go left to find an area with enemies and a bomb flower. Each set of rocks you blow up will reveal a new flower so you can bomb the path clear. You will find a Moon Pearl at the end of this path.
  • Lower - This area of Chalkroot Hollow is easiest to enter from Wyvern Falls. To grab the Moon Pearl, you need to separate Cereza from Cheshire and have Cereza hold the bridge open while Cheshire pushes the lilypad under it. Cereza can then jump on the lilypad and the pair can ride over to the Moon Pearl.

Lake Nimueh


There is one Moon Pearl at Lake Nimueh.

  • This one is easiest to access from Sunspeckled Grove. You will be able to see a Moon Pearl up on a raised platform. In order to reach it, Cereza needs to jump on the purple flower that is a little bit away, and have Cheshire pull her all the way across using the Wood power.

Sunspeckled Grove

There are two Moon Pearls in Sunspeckled Grove.

  • Mid - There is a one-way path into Chalkroot Hollow where you pull Cereza on purple flowers over a river. Just before this, you can see a Moon Pearl up on a high ledge. Use the first flower to pull Cereza over to it.
  • Mid - This Moon Pearl is in an area that is not connected to the main part of the map. Instead, you have to enter from the left side of Windy Knot in order to grab it.

Faerieland Tower


There are two Moon Pearls in Faerieland Tower.

  • Lower - From the sanctuary, walk towards the screen under a bridge. You will then see a wooden ramp going up on the right. The Moon Pearl is at the top.
  • Lower - This is the hardest Moon Pearl in the game to grab. You access it by riding the train from the lower area of Sunspeckled Grove. The train can be reached by going west from the sanctuary in the grove.

The Watchtower

There is one Moon Pearl at the Watchtower.

  • Upper - At the start of the area, you will see a train. You can go up above it and hop on board. This will take you to an upper platform with a Moon Pearl. You will need to use Cheshire to slingshot across.

Ashenbark Woods

There is one Moon Pearl in Ashenbark Woods.

  • This is one of the easier ones. When you first go to Ashenbark there is a Faerie blocking the way to grab this one. Go to Púca’s Fortress sanctuary and head back into Ashenbark. It’s down a narrow path to the right.

Wyvern Falls

There is one Moon Pearl in Wyvern Falls.

  • When you reach the Arcane Lantern, which also has a mirrored rock, turn back and walk down a small path behind you to the left.

Giant’s Basin

There is one Moon Pearl in Giant’s Basin.

  • Giant’s Basin is most easily accessed via Wyvern Falls. Once you reach the sanctuary, cross the lake to the right to find a Moon Pearl.

Forgotten Knoll


There are two Moon Pearls in Forgotten Knoll.

  • Upper - You will find an area with four lazers that you need to use Stone Cheshire to block. Once you are there, you need to double back on yourself until you find a spring. This will take you to an upper platform where the Moon Pearl is.
  • Upper - When you have rescued 10 Wisps, talk to Colm at the Wisp’s Hideaway near the Sanctuary. He will reward you with a Moon Pearl.

Now you know where to find each Moon Pearls to power up Cereza. If you want to unlock more abilities for Cheshire, you should check out our Inferno Fruit locations guide.