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Best Christmas games: 10 video games to get you in the holiday spirit

Xmas games are hard to come by, but we've picked out a select few to get you in the holiday spirit

We all have our favorite selection of Christmas movies we watch every year, but we don’t think about Christmas video games so much. The experience of spending a cold evening snuggled up watching some films is easy to get behind, but several lazy afternoons slumped on the sofa playing games is a little less romantic of an image.

Don’t let that dissuade you though, if you want some fun around the holiday season, there are plenty of video games that fit the bill. While you’re not likely to find a game about a Scrouge-Esque character learning to love Christmas, you can find plenty of wintery cheer all over the place if you look hard enough.

Mario hanging out in the ice world
Batman Arkham Origins
Bully Christmas level
Bayonetta 2
Spider-Man Miles Morales
God of War Ragnarök_odins-ravens-header
Bloodborne Castle Cainhurst
Minecraft Christmas tree