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The best Roman games for true Romans

Come, see, and conquer in these titles featuring Ancient Rome
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Rome, sweet Rome, probably the most important forefather of western civilization, surprisingly is not featured in that many video games. Considered as one of the greatest civilizations and empires to have ever existed, you’d think Rome would be a popular setting for many different genres – in reality, it’s mostly strategy games of various kinds that make use of its rich history.

Sure, you’d expect the best Roman games to feature a great deal of military might, after all war is what forged the Imperium Romanum. But this civilization has left us a lot more to explore than just its martial glory, so we hope that once the industry is done sucking up to the Vikings it can turn its efforts to the Eternal City – just take any road, they all lead there.

Roman soldiers march in triumph.

Marching through Rome in a triumph was every general's greatest desire.

Now, friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your eyes, for here are some of the greatest games featuring Ancient Rome.

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