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Baldur's Gate 3: how to get into the Steel Watch Foundry in BG3

How to get into the Steel Watch Foundry in Baldur's Gate 3

If you want to weaken Gortash’s hold on Baldur’s Gate, then you’re going to need to take down his automaton army known as the Steel Watch. These tough soldiers can cause you a lot of trouble if you get into a scrap with them, so it’s best to cut their power off at the source – the foundry.

This is where all of them are constructed and you can destroy it, if you can inside. We’ll tell you how to get into the Steel Watch Foundry to take them down.

This is just one of many quests in Baldur's Gate 3 though, so check out our guides on how to complete the Gauntlet of Shar, finish the masterwork weapon, and open Necromancy of Thay.

Where is the Steel Watch Foundry? – BG3

BG3 Steel Watch Soldier.

Baldur’s Gate is a big place, but you can find the foundry in the southwest of the Lower City area, just across from the Grey Harbor Docks waypoint. It may as well be a fortress as sneaking in undetected is virtually impossible. So, if you don’t fancy a fight with the entire Steel Watch all at once, there are other ways inside.

How to get into the Steel Watch Foundry – BG3

BG3 Steel Watch soldier.

Well, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a fairly freeform game, so there are theoretically infinite possibilities, as Matt Mercer recently showed off on a live stream, where he got into the Foundry by stacking boxes up into the sky and then teleporting onto the roof.

Still, if you want a solution that won’t take ages, we have some alternative solutions.

First of all, if you have access to spells, scrolls, or potions for invisibility and/or flight, those will be your easiest way in. However, if you want something a little less direct, you can go around the edge of the Water Queen’s House, where there is a small beach area that you can use to sneak into a side entrance.