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Counter-Strike 2: how to change the bot difficulty in CS2

How to change the bot difficulty in Counter-Strike 2

Playing against bots is a good way to warm up in Counter-Strike. While they can never come close to the skill of real players, they provide competent targets to test your skills against, especially if you’re trying to learn new techniques.

In CS:GO, one of the best features of bot matches was the customizable difficulty letting you tweak how challenging your opponents could be, but such an option isn’t obviously available in CS2.

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How to change CS2 bot difficulty

Counter-Strike 2 Inferno

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the CS2 bot difficulty. The default bot difficulty seems to be roughly the same level as the Hard bots from CS:GO, which is a shame for anyone who prefers to play on Expert. It’s unclear if difficulty options are planned to be added, as Valve remains silent on the topic, so we’ll just have to wait and see.