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Counter-Strike 2: how to get the CS2 hidden achievement

Counter-Strike 2 has just one achievement, so we'll tell you how to get this hidden achievement in CS2

Before the recent update, CS:GO had a whopping 167 achievements that encapsulated every game mode, every gun, and every feat players could attempt in the game. That has been dramatically cut down for CS2’s launch, as there is just one achievement you can get on Steam – but it’s hidden.

This hidden achievement in CS2 has players scratching their heads, so we’ll explain what you have to do to get it. We’ve also answered can you play Arms Race in CS2? If you want to check up on your favorite modes.

How to get the hidden achievement in CS2

Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Terrorist Team

To get this achievement, you need to get a multi-kill in any mode, and then finish the match. While multi-kills aren’t an official award given in CS2, you can get them quite easily by simply getting two kills in quick succession.

The easiest way to do this is to play on Deathmatch free-for-all, as you’ll have plenty of targets to take out. Plus, if you play against bots, then any reasonably skilled human player will be able to get the kills easily. Once you’ve got the kill, just play out the match until the end and you’ll get the achievement.