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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.0 Beat on the Brat - should you throw the fight against Razor?

So you’ve fought your way here. Should you throw the fight in the Beat on the Brat finale?

Get to the end of the Beat on the Brat Side Job and you’re faced with a pivotal decision: should you throw the fight for Coach Fred? Is it worth disappointing your best Cyberpunk 2077 buddy, Vik? What’s the payout like? Read on for the answers.

Before you can get to the decision itself, you need to have beaten the following fighters:

  • The Champion of Kabuki
  • The Champion of Arroyo
  • The Champion of the Glen
  • The Champion of the Animals (if you’re struggling with this one, you can just kill your opponent in the For My Son gig)

Once you’ve done the four main fights, head to Pacifica’s Grand Imperial Mall for the final showdown.

Cyberpunk 2077 Beat on the Brat - throw the fight?

Before the fight, Coach Fred will come to you with an offer you can, in fact, refuse. Throw the fight and he’s promising extra eddies (that’s cash in Cyberpunk speak, choom). It doesn’t matter which option you choose, as losing the fight will count as throwing it. So really, the option happens in the fight itself. Lose the fight and consider it thrown forever, your reputation ruined.

The fight itself is a tough battle against a Level 35 opponent, but you can make it easier with specced-out gorilla arms and perks built around brawling.

One tip is to concentrate on working the body, which is way more effective than punching Razor in the head. Razor also telegraphs their strongest attacks – a superman punch can be dodged around, allowing you to follow up with heavy attacks to stagger them.

If you win the fight, you get fewer eddies than if you lose, but you get way more Street Cred. Throw the fight and you get less Street Cred and more eddies. There’s no special reward either way so just go for whichever currency you need the most.