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Dead Space's remake has a secret ending that didn't exist in the original game, and you're probably wondering how to unlock it. 

As our Dead Space remake review says, the EA Motive game is full of fresh additions to one of the best survival horror games ever made. All you have to do is get to the end, where a bunch of new features open up. 

How to unlock the secret ending in Dead Space remake


Once you've completed Dead Space for the first time, you will unlock New Game+ mode, which allows you to take all your unlocked weapons and upgrades back to the start of the game, where you will have to deal with new enemy variants. 

As well as having to fight tougher foes, there are also 12 Master Fragments to collect if you want to trigger the secret ending. 

Dead Space remake Marker Fragment locations

Below we will list all the Marker Fragment locations, as well as the chapters in which they are available. Don't worry if you miss any, however, as you can always backtrack using the tram system. Just don't start Chapter 12 until you have them all. 

  • Marker Fragment #1: Find this in Tram Control in Chapter 1, located in a bookcase in the Maintenance Bay Office. 
  • Marker Fragment #2: This one is available when you reach Chapter 2. Instead of being on a bookcase, this one is hidden behind one in Dr. Kyne’s office in the Research Wing of Medical. 
  • Marker Fragment #3: In Chapter 3, you can find this Marker Fragment in the Engine Room on the Engineering deck, behind Power Sub-Station 03. 
  • Marker Fragment #4: Once you reach Chapter 4, head to the Break Room on the Bridge deck. 
  • Marker Fragment #5: Only available from Chapter 5 onwards, this one is close to an operating table in Dr. Mercer's office in Medical. 
  • Marker Fragment #6: You can grab this one straight after the previous one in Chapter 5, stashed on top of the cryo chamber in Cryogenics on the Medical deck. 
  • Marker Fragment #7: In Chapter 6, you can grab this one when injecting the Wheezers, hidden in the East Grow Chamber near Wheezer 6 in Hydroponics.
  • Marker Fragment #8: In Chapter 7, once you've unlocked security clearance level 3, head to the Mineral Samples room in Mining. 
  • Marker Fragment #9: Found inside the Comms Array on the Bridge deck during Chapter 8. 
  • Marker Fragment #10: In the Deluxe Shift Bunks on the Crew deck during Chapter 10. 
  • Marker Fragment #11: Also in Chapter 10 on the Crew deck, you can find this one on a table in the Inquiry Desks room. 
  • Marker Fragment #12: The last Marker Fragment can be found in Chapter 11 in the Cargo Bay of the Cargo deck. 

Once you have them all, you simply need to place them on the pedestals in the Executive Quarters on the Crew deck and complete the game.