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EA FC 24 Trickster glitch: How to use the Calf Dribble

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The EA FC 24 Trickster glitch or Calf Dribble glitch is currently captivating the soccer game’s player base and developer EA Sports is investigating the issue, showing the seriousness of the situation. Players are debating the ethics of using this trick in the ongoing iteration of Weekend League, which has already led to heated exchanges worldwide.

What’s all the fuss about, then? Well, this new glitch essentially allows the player using it to glue the ball to their dribbler’s legs, enabling them to simply run through the opposing player's defense and score a goal without them being able to do much against it. It’s thoroughly unfair and clearly something unintended that will be patched out as soon as EA Sports find the cause.

EA FC 24 Haaland.

Using this glitch may net you a grim look from your opponent, but all's fair on the pitch, right?

Until then, though, players will be able to use the trick to their heart’s content – and why not, right? You use the tools you're given, even if they never were supposed to be available in the first place.

If you don’t want to be at a disadvantage against players using the move against you, you’ll simply need to use it first – here’s how to use the EA FC 24 Trickster or Calf Dribble glitch.

EA FC 24 Trickster glitch inputs

First, make sure you have a player with the Trickster+ play style on your team – only they can use the move needed to trigger the glitch. If that’s the case, pass the ball to this players and follow these steps:

  1. Hold L2/LT + press Square/X + press Cross/A to use the Catch and Spin skill move.
  2. Hold R1/RB + press Square/X and then press Cross/A to use a fake shot.
  3. Hold L1/LB+R1/RB and L2/LT+R2/RT to do a super cancel.

Check out the video below to illustrate this list of inputs:

Using these controls in that order will glue the ball to your player’s leg, making it impossible for your opponent to take possession of it. Talk about a new meta, huh?