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Elden Ring: how to find the Dung Eater in the Capital Sewer Gaol

How to find the Dung Eater in the Capital Sewer Gaol in Elden Ring

If there’s one thing you’ll learn quickly in Elden Ring, it’s that very few things are straightforward. Be it how to defeat a strong boss, how to reach faraway locations, or how to navigate a dungeon, there are always plenty of opportunities to get lost, make a mistake, or otherwise miss huge swathes of content.

Leyndell Royal Capital is no different, and it means you can easily miss a large area like the Capital Sewer Gaol entirely if you’re not careful. We’ll show you how to get there, and how to find the mysterious Dung Eater who awaits you there.

Who is the Dung Eater in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 10

So why should you care about this guy? It’s a fair question, I dare say I wouldn’t be keen on finding someone when their name involves eating excrement, but he’s a more interesting character than his name suggests.

He can first be encountered in the Roundtable Hold, in one of the back rooms, and immediately threatens you. Thankfully the Hold prevents violence, but eventually, you’ll have to encounter him outside those restrictions.

Appearance-wise, he strangely resembles Solaire from the original Dark Souls trilogy, and the Dung Eater’s look may be a reference to Solaire’s slow corruption over the course of that series.

Dung Eater location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Dung Eater location

Start at the Lower Capital Church in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Leave the church and run to the right. If you jump over the balcony you’ll drop into the sewer below. From there run right all the way to the end of the tunnel. There will be an enemy launching projectiles at you. Take them down.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 2

Jump over to the next room and you’ll see a ladder on the back left wall. Climbing it will bring you out near the main road, but if you turn there’s a flight of stairs you should go down. Go around to the other side of the hole you just come out of and turn left. There’s a hill there you need to hop up and over the rooftops.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location  3

Follow it around to the left and there’s a well with a ladder for you to climb down. At the bottom, turn left, go through the gate, and then down another ladder to reach the full sewer.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 4

Go to the end of the tunnel, turn right, and go on to the end again, and you’ll be greeted with the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Down the stairs on your right there’s a room full of giant rats, clear them out if you want, but you can just as easily run through.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 5

On the other side, head down the ladder on your left and run straight onto the Underground Roadside Site of Grace – a useful marker to have going forward.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 6

Leave the room and head left, dropping into the hole on the side of the road – if you have enemies chasing you, this will get them off your tail.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 7

Down this tunnel is a bunch of poison flowers that you don’t need to worry about, just keep going and climb down the ladder at the end.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 8

In the next room, you’ll run into a bunch of hand monsters and we recommend clearing these ones out – this is the room you’ll fight the Dung Eater in, so you don’t want them pestering you at the same time.

Elden Ring Dung Eater location 9

At the end of the room behind a gate the Dung Eater will be there, waiting for you to free him with the Capital Sewer Key you got earlier. Free him, talk to him, and get ready for a fight, as he now intends to make good on his promise to kill you.

Elden Ring Dung Eater fight

Dung Eater is a tough foe. He has AoE abilities, projectiles, and can inflict bleed, so watch out for that and you should be ok.