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Elden Ring: how to get into Leyndell Royal Capital

How to activate the required Great Runes to access Leyndell Royal Capital in Elden Ring

From the moment you start your journey in Elden Ring, Leyndell Royal Capital is your goal. However, getting there isn’t easy, as you’ll need at least two Great Runes from the game’s major bosses before doing so. Even then, once you have the runes, it’s not a straightforward process, as you need to activate them, and the locations to do so differ depending on which runes you have.

We’ll tell you where to activate the two runes for Rennala and Godrick, the two bosses we recommend you face first in our Elden Ring best boss order guide so you can access Leyndell and Elden Ring’s endgame.

How to activate Rennala’s Great Rune

Elden Ring Limgrave Tower Bridge

Rennala’s rune is the best for this purpose, as it’s the only one that doesn’t need to be activated at all, you can just use it as soon as you get it. This also makes it the only one that doesn’t offer a combat bonus, although it does have another use. The Great Rune of the Unborn can be used when speaking to Rennala in the Grand Library to access Rebirth, which is how you can respec your character.

How to activate Godrick’s Great Rune

Elden Ring Capital Rampart

Godrick’s rune requires a bit more legwork. Head to Stormveil Castle’s main entrance and head over to Limgrave Tower Bridge. There are some tough enemies along the way like a lion and three massive golems, but you don’t have to fight them right now if you don’t feel like it – the golems do drop weapons you might want though.

From there, at the end of this massive bridge, is the Divine Tower of Limgrave. Take the elevator up and activate the interaction point and the Great Rune of Godrick will be activated, opening the way to Leydell Royal Captial and giving you a boost to all your attributes if you equip it.

How to access Leyndell Royal Capital

Elden Ring Capital Rampart

Bare in mind that while it only requires two Great Runes to enter, Leyndell is an end-game area, so it’s worth exploring the Lands Between and getting more of the seven Great Runes before you head over there.

Still, when you decide you’re ready, go to the Capital Rampart Site of Grace. Before there would have been a portal blocking your path, but now it will be a door that you can walk right through.