Elden Ring: Siofra River Well location and fire puzzle solution

How to find the Siofra River entrances and solve the fire puzzles within in Elden Ring
Siofra River
Siofra River / FromSoftware

Elden Ring’s map can feel gargantuan at times, but it’s even bigger than you probably realize, as you can drop below the ground. We don’t mean small locations like the catacombs either, there are much bigger underground sections in the Lands Between, and the first entrance you’re likely to find is the Siofra River, as you’ll be sent there as part of Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring.

We’ll tell you how to find the wells that lead to the Siofra River, and how to solve the tricky fire puzzles that you’ll find once you’re down there.

How to find the Siofra River Well in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Siora River Limgrave Entrance
Siora River Limgrave Entrance / FromSoftware

There are two wells you can use as entrances to the Siofra River. The first is in Limgrave which is just off the main path nearby to the Minor Erdtree North and Fort Haight.

Elden Ring Siofra River Caelid entrance
Siofra River Caelid Entrance / FromSoftware

The second is in Caelid, to the east of the Minor Erdtree in that region. This is a much more hostile region of the map though, so if you’re still in the early game, stick to the Limgrave entrance.

Siofra River first fire puzzle solution

Elden Ring Siofra River pedestals
Pedestals / FromSoftware

To get to the bosses in this area you’ll need to solve a short puzzle. In the area, there are eight pedestals that have a fire at the bottom. Stand in front of each one and interact to activate them. The ethereal minotaurs around here will make this difficult as they are both powerful and accurate with their shots, so stay on your toes.

Elden Ring ground level pedestal locations
Ground level pedestal locations / FromSoftware

Above is a map for all the pillar locations (they’re all at ground level) and you can check your progress by looing at the pillars in front of Hallowhorn Grounds, with one light indicating one activated pedestal.

Siofra River first boss – Ancestor Spirit

Elden Ring Hallowhorn Grounds
Hallowhorn Grounds / FromSoftware

To fight the first boss here, go to the Hallowhorn Grounds once all the pillars are lit and interact with the now glowing corpse. It will transport you to the boss arena where the Ancestor Spirit will challenge you.

Siofra River second fire puzzle solution

Elden Ring Siofra River upper section pedestal locations
Upper level pedestal locations / FromSoftware

When you eventually reach the higher level of the area, you’ll have another set of pedestals to activate, and you can once again use our map above to see where they all are. While there are fewer annoying archers to deal with here, there is a Red Wolf that you should be careful of.

Siofra River second boss – Regal Ancestor Spirit

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit location
Regal Ancestor Spirit location / FromSoftware

In the same way you got to first the first boss, you can again got the Hallowhorn Grounds on the upper level of Siofra River to challenge this more powerful version of the Ancestor Spirit. It has more health and new moves that it uses in the fight, but you should be able to defeat it using similar tactics.

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