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FF7 Rebirth: Best Junon Parade Formation

Best parade formation for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Stealing The Show trophy

Once you’ve rounded up all of the Seventh Infantry troops that are lurking around Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Upper Junon, you’ll be able to participate in Shinra’s parade, which is being overseen by President Rufus Shinra himself. The team is under pressure to fly under the radar here, but there’s even more to think about for completionists.

If you want the Stealing the Show trophy, then you’ll need a perfect parade formation, and a near-flawless performance to go along with it. In this guide we’re breaking down the best parade formation for the Seventh Infantry Shinra Parade in Upper Junon.

Just a warning through: picking the best parade formation may actually make the routine more difficult. Make a save before attempting, and be prepared to reattempt if you really want that trophy.

Best Junon Parade Formation – FF7 Rebirth

Le Sourire Seventh Infantry location in FF7 Rebirth

Make sure to find every Seventh Infantry member before attempting the parade.

Before you can even assemble the best parade formation, you need to ensure you have found all ten of the Seventh Infantry troops in Upper Junon. Once you’ve found them all you’ll finally be able to select the best parade formation.

In total, these are the units you’ll have available to you:

  • Security Officers x5
  • Grenadiers x2
  • Riot Troopers x2
  • Flametroopers x1

You can only select five units to participate, and the others will be left in reserve. For the best parade formation, you must leave all of the Security Officers in reserve.

Units of the same type enhance one another when placed together, so you must place your Riot Troopers and Grenadiers together in your formation, with the fifth and final spot reserved for your Flametrooper. The Flametrooper can go at the front, between the two paired units, or at the rear. It’s your call.

Our recommended setup is as follows:

You should pair Riot Troopers and Grenadiers together, with the Flametroopers in a spare slot.

You should pair Riot Troopers and Grenadiers together, with the Flametroopers in a spare slot.

  • Grenadiers x2 > Flametrooper > Riot Troopers x2

With this formation the routine will be difficult, but it’s the only way to earn the best possible commendation, along with the Stealing the Show trophy.