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FF7 Rebirth: All Junon Parade Seventh Infantry locations

Find all the Seventh Infantry members for the Junon parade with our handy Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide

When you finally reach Upper Junon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll have to put on a Shinra soldier disguise, and you’ll quickly get wrangled into leading the Seventh Infantry’s parade formation. It’s a big task, mainly because the 10 squad divisions are scattered about Upper Junon instead of waiting for the parade.

Your goal will be to go find the 10 squad divisions and add them all to your team ahead of the parade – you only technically need five divisions, but finding all 10 will reward you with a trophy, and you can get another for a perfect parade performance. For everything you need to find each of the Seventh Infantry members in Upper Junon, just read through our full guide below.

Once you've found all of the Seventh Infantry troops, make sure to check our best parade formation guide.

All Shinra Seventh Infantry locations for the Junon Parade – FF7 Rebirth

Here's the location of each of the 10 squads, to help you recruit all Midgar 7th Infantry units for the parade in Junon and earn the "7th, Assemble!" trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Larboard Junon, The Full Arsenal location in FF7 Rebirth
Glabrescent Bar location in FF7 Rebirth
Cacilia's of Junon location in FF7 Rebirth
Rufus Cutout location in FF7 Rebirth
Broadwalk Seventh Infantry location in FF7 Rebirth
Le Sourire Seventh Infantry location in FF7 Rebirth
Larboard Garrison Storeroom location in FF7 Rebirth
Barracks Assembly Room Seventh Infantry location in FF7 Rebirth
Barracks Briefing Room Seventh Infantry location in FF7 Rebirth
Maghnata Books Seventh Infantry location in FF7 Rebirth