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FF7 Rebirth PSA: You can’t complete Corel Region Protorelic Quests on your first visit

You won't get access to the entire Corel Region in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth the first time you reach it
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If you’re a completionist, then you’re probably aiming for 100% World Intel in each region in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. For most regions that’s pretty simple, as your goals and targets will be laid out on your map as you explore. For the Corel Region, however, things are a bit different.

First off, Corel is split into two distinct halves. One half is a sunny beach next to Costa Del Sol, complete with ziplines for tourists to enjoy, and the other half is a vast desert that be accessed after you visit the Gold Saucer for the first time.

FF7 Rebirth Corel Region beach

So that’s important to know: you can’t access the entirety of the Corel Region until you go through the Gold Saucer, and the series of Main Story quests you’ll encounter there. That includes the pesky King Tonberry that Johnny wants you to hunt.

Once you finally get free reign of Corel Desert, you can tick off a majority of the World Intel objectives, but there will be two objectives that remain incomplete, and if you speak to Kid G in the Cactuar Houses, you’ll get a hint as to what’s next.

In order to complete the full Protorelic questline in the Corel Region, you will actually need to return to Corel much later. Yes, you can, in fact, max out World Intel in the Gongaga Region and even the Cosmo Canyon Region before finishing off those final two Protorelic quests in the Corel Region.

If you’re trying to complete as many objectives as possible during your playthrough, then this moment might make you pause, but don’t worry. As long as you’ve completed everything save for two Protorelic quests, you can feel confident in moving forward into the Gongaga Region and beyond without fearing missing anything. Just remember to pick them up again when the game finally makes you return!