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FF7 Rebirth: How to get Tonberry King’s crown in The Saga of the Seaside Inn

Get the Pristine Crown from the Tonberry King in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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When you get to Costa del Sol in FF7 Rebirth, you’ll find a familiar face: Johnny. Follow his quests and you’ll eventually begin a series of side quests called The Saga of the Seaside Inn, which require you to get hold of a Tonberry King’s crown.

That’s more complicated than it sounds. First off, you need to reach a specific part of the story, then you need to find the Tonberry King, and then you need to figure out how to make sure the crown is in good condition. Here’s how to do it.

Before you attempt this quest, you will need to find all of Johnny's Zipline materials. Remember that you can't complete the Corel Protorelic quests on your first time through.

Tonberry King location - FF7 Rebirth 

Johnny will give you this quest near the river in the Corel Region, but you can’t reach it yet – your way across is barred by sticks and debris. Before you can complete the quest, you must head to the Gold Saucer and follow the main story until you’re in the desert driving the offroad vehicle.

Once you’re there, scan all of the region’s Expedition Intel Lifespring Crystals and you’ll be directed to the region’s miniboss: the Tonberry King. These are the crystals you need to find:

  • Expedition Intel 1: Secluded Grotto Lifespring
  • Expedition Intel 2: Glencross Lifespring
  • Expedition Intel 3: Oasis Lifespring
  • Expedition Intel 4: Watermain Lifespring
  • Expedition Intel 5: Stonebowl Lifespring
  • Expedition Intel 6: Rockspout Lifespring

How to steal and deliver the Tonberry King's Crown - FF7 Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth Tonberry King Marred Crown

Killing the Tonberry King will only get you a Marred Crown.

As is Final Fantasy tradition, Tonberries suck. They can kill you with a single stab, which makes beating a Tonberry King who can spawn smaller Tonberries a pain. I did it by using Barret, equipped with Raise. As Barret, you can keep your distance while doling out commands, shooting bullets, and reviving fallen allies.

If you kill the Tonberry King, you’ll get a Marred Crown, but dialogue will let you know that you could have done better. Read on to find out how.

How to get the Tonberry King's Pristine Crown - FF7 Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth Tonberry King Pristine Crown

You will need Steal Materia equipped to snatch the Pristine Crown from the Tonberry King.

To get the Pristine Crown, you need to equip the Steal Materia. Use the Tonberry King’s elemental weakness on him and keep hitting him with big techniques – eventually, you’ll pressure him and he’ll drop his crown.

Now switch to whoever has Steal equipped and have them cast the ability on the crown itself – not the Tonberry King. Once you have it, you just need to finish him off and you can hand in the quest back at Costa del Sol.