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Final Fantasy 16 features a rich cast of Eikons and many skills to choose from. There are six abilities slots overall, two per Eikon. There’s a huge potential in terms of Eikons, skills, and combinations of the two, but having only six slots to play with limits your ability to exploit the system.

Either way, you’ll be required to make tough decisions, and we’re here to help. In our guide below, we break down all the Eikons in Final Fantasy 16, their abilities, and the best abilities you should always have with you throughout the game.

Things we wish we knew about Eikons and skills - Final Fantasy 16

Make sure you always upgrade your Eikons’ AOE attack at least once, where available, as this is often the strongest ability at your disposal, acting almost as a “skip fight” button when up against ordinary enemies. With the right enhancement (do it twice to “master” the skill, which allows you to equip it on e any Eikon after you’ve upgraded the power), you can easily take out all the enemies on the battlefield in a single shot.

Eikons and abilities list - Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Phoenix
Final Fantasy 16 Garuda
Final Fantasy 16 Ramuh
Final Fantasy 16 Titan
Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut
Final Fantasy 16 Shiva
Final Fantasy 16 Odin

Best Abilities - Final Fantasy 16

Eikon Abilities Final Fantasy 16

The best Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

Time now for some tips. Our ideal lineup involves this trio, composed after careful consideration and more than 60 hours of gameplay:

  • Phoenix
  • Garuda
  • Titan

These are the best moves we picked up:

  • Rising Flames (Phoenix)
  • Flames of Rebirth (Phoenix)
  • Windup (Titan)
  • Upheaval (Titan)
  • Gouge (Garuda)
  • Aerial Blast (Garuda)

This build is basically flawless, but you might want to take out Aerial Blast because it makes it impossible to see what’s happening. Master Diamond Dust and replace it with that if you want big stagger damage while being able to see your enemy. You can also swap Phoenix or Garuda for Odin, and move in Dancing Steel to charge your Zantesuken for when you get the stagger.