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Final Fantasy 16 is available today as a PlayStation 5 timed exclusive. The game is fairly true to its origins, but it also introduces a real-time combat system and a world that, while not totally open, is a rather large sandbox.

And what's the point of having a wide world at your disposal without a mount, right? And that's where the lovely Chocobos come in.

How to unlock Chocobos - Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo

You'll be seeing Chocobos from the very start of Final Fantasy 16, but you won't be able to ride them until you find a very special one as part of a side quest.

Of course, Final Fantasy 16 does feature the ability to use Chocobos as mounts, a feature without which we wouldn't even consider it a Final Fantasy game.

In any case, Chocobos are not available from the beginning of the game, and you may not even be aware of their existence until you find them wandering around and realize you can't ride them yourself.

If you want to unlock Chocobos, you'll need to complete a side quest called The White-Winged Wonder, marked with a "+" sign in the quest list and on your map. Don't skip it, as this is the only way to get mounts in Final Fantasy 16.

How to complete The White-Winged Wonder - Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 - The White Winged Wonder quest

Make sure you complete The White-Winged Wonder quest as soon as you get it, to unlock your Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16.

Immediately after completing your first questline at Martha's Rest, Rowan will tell you about a legendary Chocobo named Whiteheart. Whiteheart is loved by the people of Rosaria as it works together with humans and often defends them from bandits in the area.

This extremely brave Chocobo has been missing for some time, and Rowan is worried that he's gotten into some trouble, so he asks you to find it. Follow the directions in this fairly straightforward quest, requiring you to take out a group of bandits, and you'll eventually unlock the ability to whistle for your Chocobo wherever you are.

In the closing lines of the quest, you'll also find out that Whiteheart is none other than Ambrosia, your old Chocobo friend that you thought had died in the prologue.