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As you progress through the new set of Aura’s quests in Fortnite Wilds, you’ll eventually be asked to locate a mysterious golden Chalice, but it’s not clear exactly where it’s hidden. We’ll help you track it down and show you how to locate the Fortnite Chalice to claim the whopping 90k XP reward.

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Fortnite Chalice location

Fortnite Creeky Compound

After picking up the map from Aura at the gas station near Rumble Ruins, head to northwest of Creeky Compound. There, in the cliff at the very edge of the jungle, you’ll spot a temple built into the cliff with a vault door at the end.

Don’t go up to the vault door, instead break down the wall just to your left as you enter the temple, which will reveal a hidden passage. Go down the stairs and you’ll find an altar that asks for 100 gold as payment – this is the in-game currency you can build up over multiple matches. You can also go further down and light the braziers for the Find Flames vault door puzzle.

When you have enough, pay it and you’ll unlock the chest, and you can claim the Chalice.

This will earn you a healthy dose of XP, but if you want to complete this set of Aura’s quest then you’ll need to return to Aura with the Chalice in that same match.