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Fortnite has become just a little more like GTA with the latest update, as now you can gain heat in matches. Among the full Fortnite v23.40 patch notes, were the details of the heat system, and you may want to know more. It’s an interesting risk vs reward mechanic that will give you great bonuses as your heat level increases, but also make you a target for both NPCs and other players.

We’ll explain how heat works in Fortnite and what you can get out of it.

How to gain Fortnite heat levels

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By and large, your heat level will increase in a match the better you’re doing. As you eliminate opponents or take down members of the Cold Blooded syndicate currently infesting the island, your heat will gradually increase. For a big boost to heat, you want to heist vaults, which can only be unlocked with keycards from Cold Blooded members.

Finally, you’ll notice strange pay phones around the world. If you’re willing to part with a substantial amount of bars, then you can pay to increase your heat level at will.

How to lose Fortnite heat levels

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There is no way to lose heat levels within a match. This is good because it means you’ll never lose the bonuses once you’ve got them, but it also means you can’t get rid of the negative side effects. However, your heat will reset to zero when you start a new match, so you’re not stuck with it forever.

Fortnite heat level effects

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As your heat level increases from one to four, you’ll gain different bonuses. Here is the full list of positive effects:

  • Heat Level 1 – eliminated opponents drop more bars.
  • Heat Level 2 – your movement speed increases by 15%, and you’ll regenerate up to 100 health out of combat.
  • Heat Level 3 – your movement speed increases by 20%, and you’ll regenerate up to 100 health and 50 shields out of combat.
  • Heat Level 4 – your movement speed increases by 25%, and you’ll regenerate up to 100 health and 100 shields out of combat.

Those are some great bonuses and combined with the new exotic weapons you’ll be extremely powerful. They come with a price though, and you’ll find that there are negative effects too. As your heat level increases you’ll find the following debuffs apply to you.

  • Cold Blooded syndicate members will become hostile, shooting you on sight.
  • You’ll become visible to other nearby players on the minimap.
  • Nearby players will be able to see you through walls.

As you can imagine, this will put a big target on your back, and there’s no hiding, so be careful.