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Fortnite’s latest crossover event has finally begun, with Fortnite x Attack on Titan adding a bunch of cool new stuff to the game based on the manga/anime. We’ve gone through all of the skins and weapons available in the Fortnite 24.20 patch notes, but there is one secret that we still need to uncover.

Along with all of the new items is a secret new location, so we’ll show you the Jaeger Family Basement location.

Where is the Jaeger Family Basement in Fortnite?

Fortnite Anvil Square with a building circled in red

Anvil Square is hiding the Fortnite Jaeger's Family Basement in the circled building.

This basement is a significant location in Attack on Titan, as it contains three books that reveal the secrets of the titular Titans. This small location has now been added to Fortnite, and you’ll need to find it to complete one of the Battle Pass quests.

The basement is in the southeast corner of Anvil Square, we’ve circled the building in the image above. Enter the building from the eastern side and you’ll find some steps that take you down to a wooden door. Open the door and you’ll enter the basement.

What is in the Fortnite Jaeger Family Basement?

Fortnite ODM Gear

The Jaeger Family Basement in Fortnite can get you some Attack on Titan gear.

This location is roughly in the center of the Fortnite map, so it’ll likely be a crowded location, especially if you visit it at the start of a match. It’s a great place to loot if you get there first though, as it contains a regular chest, some ground loot, and a Scout Regiment Footlocker, which is guaranteed to spawn you either an ODM Gear or Thunder Spears.