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The second major update of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, and it’s bringing a much-anticipated anime crossover event with it. Thanks to leaks, we’ve known about the Fortnite x Attack on Titan crossover for a while, but now the skins and items are finally available in-game, along with some extra goodies we didn’t know were coming.

We’ll walk you through all of the changes as we break down the full Fortnite 24.20 patch notes.

Attack on Titan skins – Fortnite 24.20

Fortnite Attack on Titan skins

Attack on Titan skins are finally coming to Fortnite v24.20.

We already knew that Eren Yeager would be coming to Fortnite this season via the Battle Pass. Like last season’s Geralt of Rivia skin, you can earn this skin and various AoT-themed items by completing quests – provided you’ve bought the Battle Pass.

Eren isn’t alone though, as you can also buy Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann skins in the item shop. No word on how long they’ll be available, but you can expect they’ll be hanging around for a while.

Attack on Titan ODM Gear – Fortnite 24.20

Fortnite ODM Gear

The ODM Gear allows for great mobility in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

With these skins you’ll want the appropriate weaponry to match, and such items are now lootable in Fortnite.

Found as ground-loot, in chests, or in the new Scout Regiment Footlockers you can get your hands on the iconic ODM Gear. Equipping it will let you grapple on objects, flying through the air and striking the ground with its built-in blades – which will immediately launch you after you execute an attack.

There are also Titan Targets dotted around the island for you to test your skills with the ODM against.

Attack on Titan Thunder Spears – Fortnite 24.20

Fortnite Thunder Spears

The Thunder Spears are a powerful new weapon in Fortnite 24.20.

Like the ODM Gear, these weapons are found wherever regular loot is, but you have a higher chance of finding them in the Scout Regiment Footlockers. These spears are essentially rockets that you launch from your arms. They will hit their target and then explode, dealing damage to anything on the other side, making them the perfect weapons to assault structures.

Jaeger’s Family Basement – Fortnite 24.20

Fortnite Anvil Square

A new secret location is hidden in Anvil Square in the latest Fortnite update.

The final piece of AoT coming to the game is a new location, the Jaeger Family Basement. This secret location is hidden away somewhere in Anvil Square and supposedly holds all sorts of cool secrets.

We've put together a guide on where to find the Jaeger Family Basement so you can see what it holds.

Dirt Bikes – Fortnite 24.20

Fortnite Dirt Bike

Dirt Bikes are returning in Fortnite v24.20.

Aside from all the AoT crossover stuff, an old favorite vehicle has been unvaulted, and you can now cruise the terrain with Dirt Bikes once more. You’ll have a chance to find one of these anywhere vehicles usually spawn, and they can easily navigate rough terrain, not to mention the stunting potential.