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The first major update of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, just in time for Easter. As expected, a seasonal event is happening, and as always, you’ll have to complete quests for free items. There are other changes too, with new weapons, Reality Augments, and characters jumping onto the island.

We’ll take you through all the important changes for Fortnite v24.10 so you know what to look out for.

Spring Breakout quests - Fortnite 24.10

Fortnite Spring Breakout rewards

Starting March 29 and running until April 11, a new quest will be added every day. Most of them will get you XP, however, specific quests will get you new items, and completing many quests will progress to two other rewards.

  • Bloomback Sack back bling – Complete Day 1’s quest
  • Shell Smash spray – Complete Day 7’s quest
  • The Works loading screen – Complete Day 9’s quest
  • A Spring Breakout banner icon – Complete Day 12’s quest
  • Nannerbloom Hammer pickaxe – Complete any 12 Spring Breakout quests
  • Fresh Flyer glider – Complete any 22 Spring Breakout quests

Egg Launcher – Fortnite 24.10

Fortnite Egg Launcher

It wouldn’t be a seasonal Fortnite event without some sort of themed explosive weapon. The Egg Launcher is back and can be found anywhere regular loot is found. This is a modified grenade launcher that – surprise, surprise – shoots explosive Easter eggs.

New Reality Augments – Fortnite 24.10

Fortnite Reality Augment

Reality Augments are the gameplay modifiers you slowly earn during a Fortnite match. Here are all the new ones:

  • Rail Warrior – Regenerate health and partial shield while on grind rails or ziplines
  • Go For Broke – Gives you a Charge Shotgun and Flintknock Pistol
  • Aquatic Warrior – Move faster and regenerate health and partial shield while swimming
  • Game Time – Gives you a Pizza Party and some Chug Splashes

New characters – Fortnite 24.10

Fortntie new specialists

There are now eight characters on this season’s island that you can hire for gold bars, giving you an advantage in battle. They come in four specialties:

  • Scout Specialist – Uses a sniper rifle and pings chests
  • Heavy Specialist – Uses explosives and has more health
  • Supply Specialist – Drops ammo and materials
  • Medical Specialist – Heals you with Chug Splashes

Chapter 4 Season 2 super level styles – Fortnite 24.10

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Super level styles

As is always the case with the first update of the season, super level styles have now officially been unlocked. These alternate styles for the Battle Pass skins can only be unlocked once you’ve got everything on offer in this season’s Battle Pass, letting you continue to earn rewards even past Level 100.