Fortnite down: when will servers be back up for v30.10?

Fortnite v30.10 releases today, but we have to go through some server downtime first
Fallout is going to play a big part in Chapter 5 Season 3
Fallout is going to play a big part in Chapter 5 Season 3 / Epic Games

The first major Fortnite update for Chapter 5 Season 3 is coming today, but we have to endure a bit of sever downtime first. This update promises to bring a new season of Fortnite Festival, a bunch of new LEGO Fortnite content, and a few extra weapons and POIs to the main Battle Royale map.

We’ll explain when the servers will go offline, and how long it will be before the downtime ends.

Why are Fortnite servers down?

Fortnite Sandstorm
The sandstorm has arrived / Epic Games

When Fortnite has a major content update, the team at Epic Games need to bring the servers down for a bit so they can install the new content and make sure that everything is working as intended before players get their hands on it.

For the v30.10 update, also known as Fortnite v30.00, the servers will be going down at 4am ET on Thursday June 13, 2024. Here’s what that means for various time zones around the world:

  • 1am
  • 4am ET
  • 9am BST
  • 10am CEST
  • 1:30pm IST
  • 5pm JST
  • 6pm AEST

When will the Fortnite downtime end?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 teaser
Chapter 5 Season 3 teaser / Epic Games

Assuming everything goes smoothly, you can expect the servers to be down for roughly four to five hours. This means servers should be back online by 7am ET on Thursday June 13, 2024. Here’s what that means for your time zone:

  • 4am PT
  • 7am ET
  • 12pm BST
  • 1pm CEST
  • 4:30pm IST
  • 7pm JST
  • 8pm AEST

However, this is subject to change, as Epic may run into issues on their end that mean the downtime has to be extended. In extreme cases, like what happened with last season’s update, servers can be down for almost 24 hours. If anything like that occurs we will update this space, so make sure to check back here throughout the day.

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