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A Sky Jelly a day keeps the doctor away, as the old saying goes. These jellyfish are floating all over the island in Fortnite Chapter 4, and they’ll help you out with a slight boost to your health and shields when you interact with them. They can be a little tricky to track down though, as they roam the map seemingly at random. We’ll give you some tips you help track some down for you to get an easy in-game buff.

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Sky Jellies location – Fortnite

Fortnite Sky Jellies floating in a forest

Unfortunately, there aren’t any guaranteed locations for Sky Jellies to spawn, but there are ways to predict their behavior and skewer your chances.

Small packs of them will spawn around the map at the start of a match, and then they’ll roam freely, going seemingly wherever they please. However, they seem to favor warmer climates, meaning you shouldn’t go looking in the snowy section in the northwest of the map. Instead, stick to the autumnal and spring regions where the climate is much better. In fact, the border between the two areas is usually a good place to spot them roaming around.

Once you’ve found them, you need to wait until they get close to the ground – or build up to them if you don’t want to wait. Do not under any circumstances shoot them, that will get you nothing. Instead, you need to bounce on them, which will get you 20 Health and 20 Shield. If you’re lucky enough for the jellies to be lined up, you may be able to bounce across multiple. Either way, once they’re exhausted, they’ll fall to the ground and explode like a Shockwave Grenade.

While it’s unlikely that will ever come in handy during combat, they’re a nice and quick way to recover health and shields in a flash, so you should always make use of them when you find them.