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Fortnite: how to open weapon bunkers in Chapter 5 Season 2

A list of every Fortnite weapon bunker location and how to open them in Chapter 5 Season 2

One of Chapter 5 Season 1’s most loved features is the ability to mod weapons. Adding better grips, scopes, and muzzles to guns allows you to customize your loadout like never before and gives you a great advantage. Last season, they were found in the Society’s vaults, but this time around their locations are a little less obvious.

We’ll tell you how to access weapon bunkers in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 to mod your weapons. If you want to know everything new this season – including two new weapon mods – check out our Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 patch notes.

Weapon bunker locations in Fortnite C5S2

Fortnite Map Bunker Locations

There are nine weapon bunkers on the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 map.

The map above, courtesy of, marks the location of every bunker on the Chapter 5 Season 2 map. There are nine total and they can be found:

  • South of Rebel’s Roost – below the road leading east from the POI
  • West of The Underworld – just off the main around the back of the POI
  • West of Grim’s Gate – just before the bridge into the grassy biome
  • South of Pleasant Plaza – hidden in the trees
  • South of Fencing Fields – across the river, south of the train tracks
  • West of Mount Olympus – down the path that goes over the train tunnel
  • North of Mount Olympus – along the main path between Mount Olympus and Reckless Railways
  • North of Reckless Railways – across the bridge leading north, on the edge of the snowy biome
  • East of Lavish Lair – across the river and up the hill

How to open weapon bunkers in Fortnite C5S2

Fortnite Weapons Bunker

Fortnite weapon bunkers will automatically open during the third storm phase of a match.

Bunkers will activate automatically during a match, but not all of them will activate every match. After the third Storm Phase begins, the bunkers will start to give an alert noise with a loud siren blaring through the nearby area – if the bunker you find is chained up, that means it won’t open this match.

30 seconds after the bunkers start blaring, they will begin to open, letting you inside to use the mod bench and the rare chests that spawn in there. Just be careful on your way out, as people will camp outside to try and get the drop on you as you leave – or at least that’s what I do to poor, unsuspecting victims.