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After a day’s delay and some trouble with the most recent update, everything is up and running again and Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Week 7 challenges are underway. This week’s challenges are focused on the new content in Fortnite v23.20, which means you’ll be marking targets, gaining shields, and messing around with Reality Augments.

We’ll explain how to easily complete each challenge, so you can earn 16k XP for each one you complete. It’s worth noting that, due to the delay, you have one day less to complete all of these challenges before they’re gone forever.

If you want to know what's new in the latest update, check out our full Fortnite patch notes for v23.20.

Fortnite: Crack an opponent’s shields or have your shields cracked (1)

Fortnite character drinking a shield potion

This week's Fortnite weekly quests have a lot to do with shields.

And here we have perhaps the easiest challenge in Fortnite history. You’ll need to find an item that gains you a little bit of shield, but that should only take looting one or two chests. Gain the shield and then run into the line of fire. There are bound to be plenty of other players around who will happily shoot at you. Once your shield hits zero, you’ll complete this challenge.

You can go on the attack and shoot out someone else’s shield if you want, but our method is far less effort.

Fortnite: Restored health or shields with augments (250)

Fortnite Reality Augments

Reality Augments can get you out of a pinch in any Fortnite match.

Reality Augments are a new system that slowly charge up in matches, provided you’ve completed the tutorial quests. Once an augment is charged, you can pick between two, with the option to reroll if you don’t like what you see. You’ll need to find one that can restore your health and shields, then slowly let it do its work.

There are only two augments that do this, here are how they work:

  • Bush Warrior – Regenerate health and partial shields while inside large foliage
  • Danger Hero – Briefly regenerate health and gain movement speed when your shield breaks

Fortnite: Reroll augments in different matches (5)

Fortnite Reality Augment selection

There are lots of Fortnite Reality Augments to choose from, so rerolling it worth it.

When your augments charge, you’ll see the two listed, and below is a button prompt to reroll them, letting you pick between two different augments. Simply do this once across five different matches and you’ll have this challenge completed in no time.

Fortnite: Mark enemies in a single match (10)

Fortnite controlling the Falcon Scout

The Falcon Scout can mark enemies for your whole team in Fortnite.

For this challenge you’ll get to use the new fun toy the latest update added: the Falcon Scout. This cool new robot bird/drone can be found anyway loot is normally found, so get loot until you find one. Once you have it, you can launch it and control it directly, scouting out the field. When using it, press the shoot button to “scan for enemies”, this will mark any opponent in the nearby area. It will also make a loud noise though, so be careful you aren’t detected.

This is best done in squads because you’ll be completely vulnerable while using it, and it means there’s more likely to be several enemies in close proximity, helping you reach the target of ten in a single match.

Fortnite: Restore shields to yourself or other friendly players (50)

Fortnite Shield Keg

The Shield Keg will restore shields to any allies standing nearby, so don't waste it.

Gaining shields is something you should always be doing in Fortnite regardless, as it’s essentially a second health bar. Whenever you get hold of a shield replenishing item, chug it down, or throw out a group heal like a shield keg. This quest has four stages, with each stage paying out XP, although the amount you need to replenish will steadily increase for each stage.

Fornite: Mark enemies (5)

Fortnite fighting alongside the Falcon Scout to capture a point

Working in tandem with the Falcon Scout can see your Fortnite squad quickly take out enemies.

You can complete this challenge using the same Falcon Scout method we explained above. This is another 4-stage quest, with your target constantly increasing, so you’ll want to keep it up over multiple games to get everything done.