How to complete Fortnite's Welcome to the Wasteland story quests

How to complete the Welcome to the Wasteland story quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
Fortnite Wrecked
Fortnite Wrecked / Epic Games

With a new Fortnite season comes with a new set of story quests released periodically throughout the season. The first set of quests, called Welcome to the Wasteland give you a few introductory quests that encourage you to explore the new Wasteland biome on the map and try out some of the new mechanics.

We’ll explain how to complete all of these story quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Talk to Hope and Jones

Fortnite Hope and Jones
Hope and Jones / Epic Games

This is a simple one to kick things off, as both Hope and Jones are marked on the map. You don’t even need to talk to them both in the same match, so head to them whenever you’re ready to start the story quests.

Damage opponents while boosting in vehicles

Fortnite Wrecked key art
Fortnite Wrecked / Epic Games

This season puts a big emphasis on vehicle combat, and this quest asks you to deal a total of 100 damage to opponents by hitting them in a car. A sports car or SUV both work for this. If you drive around for a while you’ll encounter someone eventually, and as long as you line yourself up right it’s very difficult for someone to dodge your boost.

Each boost impact deals 75 damage, so two hits will be enough.

Destroy objects and structures while infused with Nitro

Fortnite Nitrodome
Nitrodome / Epic Games

100 objects or structures sounds like a lot, but Nitro and a vehicle make it much easier. Driver through one of the big orange hoops around to infuse yourself with Nitro, then drive through any buildings or structures you can find on the map to do this one in no time.

Install vehicle mods

Fortnite Cow Catcher
Cow Catcher / Epic Games

This is much easier than in previous seasons, as to install a vehicle mod all you need to do is drive into the appropriate box, many of which are scattered across the Wasteland. There are four different types of mods, but equipping the same mod to different vehicles will still count towards your total. The Nitrodome is the easiest place to go, as it has all four in close proximity.

Search containers at Wasteland landmarks

Fortnite Wasteland
The Wasteland / Epic Games

Note that this does not necessarily mean POIs, as landmarks constitute any notable location in the Wasteland biome. If it’s not clear, all of them are marked on your map. Containers include chests, produce boxes, ammo tins, and anything like that, so open them all to progress this quest.

Collect surveillance devices at different Wasteland locations

Fortnite Surveillance device
Surveillance device / Epic Games

Once again, these are marked on the map, and once you get close enough a second marker will appear to direct you towards them. Just interact with them to pick them up, and you’re done with this set of story quests.

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