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If you like collecting bugs – then throwing those bugs at your enemies – then Fortnite is a surprisingly good game for it. Fireflies have existed for a long time, letting you gather a jar and set your enemies ablaze, but Chapter 4 Season 3 has added a more viscous bug, wasps.

If you can get you can catch and jar these wasps, you can hurl them at opponents to slowly damage them, so we’ll show you how to gather these jars.

How to gather wasps – Fortnite

Fortnite Wildwasp Reality Augment

Wasps can be found all around the jungle biome in the center of this season’s map. You’ll typically find them flying around the many colorful plants of the jungle.

Before you approach them, slide in some mud to cover yourself, otherwise, the wasps will start to damage you. Just spam the interact button near a group and you’ll gather jars of wasps – you can hold a maximum of six at once.

There is also a newly added Reality Augment that will automatically put some jars in your inventory.

How to damage enemies with wasps – Fortnite

Fortnite Wasp in a jar

Once you have the wasps, find an enemy and hurl all your jars their way. They have a bit of range on breaking, so as long as you are relatively accurate with your throws, you’ll deal a bunch of damage to your target.

Just make sure you don’t throw them at anyone covered in mud, as the wasps will ignore them if you do.

It’ll take a few goes at doing this, but eventually, you will rack up the required 100 damage to complete the week 6 challenge.