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Genshin Impact 3.6 has added the Girdle of the Sands region to the map of Sumeru, which again expands Teyvat and houses a World Quest called Pale Fire. This mission tasks you with helping Sorush awaken the two Fravashi Trees and talking to their residual Pari. To accomplish this, you need to find six Udumbara Pistils in the Asipattravana Swamp.

While these flowers are pretty big, they tend to grow in places you wouldn’t exactly expect – the sides of rocky cliffs, often outside your immediate viewpoint.

We have all  Udumbara Pistils locations for the Pale Fire World Quest in Genshin Impact here for you and lead you through the mission.

Genshin Impact Udumbara Pistils locations

Genshin Impact Udumbara Pistil locations

Use this map to find all Udumbara Pistils locations.

  1. Look for this Udumbara close to the giant roots that form a nearby cave entrance. It’s found on the cliffside relatively close to the ground.
  2. You can detect this Udumbara on the cliffside near the large and spiky roots piercing through the ground.
  3. This Udumbara is easily reachable by using the nearby Teleport Waypoint and dropping down the cliff from there.
  4. You’ll need to look up high and climb the cliff to get to this Udumbara, which is visible from the water below.
  5. This Udumbara is growing on the upper side of a rocky outcrop on the shoreline, close to a Consecrated Horned Crocodile, one the region’s new enemies.
  6. Cross the valley from the nearby Teleport Waypoint and you can glide to this Udumbara, which is located very high up on the cliffside.

Genshin Impact Udumbara Pistils collection

Genshin Impact Sorush.

Sorush, the new region's gadget, is the key to getting the Udumbara Pistils.

Finding the Udumbaras is one thing, but that alone won’t help you finish the World Quest. You need to use Sorush’s skill to revive the flowers and make them bloom again, enabling you to collect the Udumbara Pistils.

Get close to the Udumbara and activate Sorush’s interact skill. You can reap the Pistil while your companion is keeping the flower in bloom.

Genshin Impact Udumbara Pistils use

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree.

Two of the ten Fravashi Trees require Udumbara Pistils to let you see their memories.

Finishing this part of the Pale Fire World Quest requires you to bring three Udumbara Pistils to each of the two Fravashi Trees in this area. One of them grows in the Asipattravana Swamp, where you already found the Udumbaras, the other is located under the desert.

You can reach it by using the Teleport Waypoint north of the Tunigi Hollow and entering the cave right next to it. Follow the path down and look for a smaller tunnel by the Hilichurl camp you reach. That’s where you’ll find the tree.

Pale Fire will ask you to solve more Fravashi Tree puzzles to complete the World Quest entirely – in total the Girdle of the Sands region houses ten Fravashi Trees you need to interact with.