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Once you reach Althjof’s Rig, you’ll see a wheel crank that you can push forward to raise and lower a grapple point. You want to make sure that’s moved to one space above the lowest point. 

God of War Ragnarök_Althjof’s Rig

Then head to the space near it and use your blades to yank the elevator down, creating a platform to hop across to reach the grapple point. Swing across.

On the other side, open the small chest, then use your blades of chaos on the barrel opposite it. Aim and press R2 to make it explode and break the fence blocking the way.

Once on the other side, grapple up top in the next area and then kick the guardrail down on the east side, allowing you to reach the crank at the start without having to use the grapple. Instead of dropping down, open the nearby gate, drop down in this new area, and ignite the barrel here with your blades. This gives you another route back to the crank.

God of War Ragnarök_Althjof’s Rig 2

Now use the crank to send the grapple right to the very bottom. If you head back to where you blew up the second barrel, you’ll see there’s a climbing route you can take there. Climb it. This will lead you around to an area above a spot you can slam down into. Press Circle when the prompt appears. 

God of War Ragnarök_Althjof’s Rig 4

There’s some lore and a chest to grab here. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to grapple across to another chest if you have followed the previous steps. Grapple back to the other side and look at the elevator shaft. You can interact with it here to send the elevator up.

Head back to the crank and send the grapple point to the second from top notch, then climb up near the crank, hop across to the elevator shaft and use the grapple. Kick the chain down on the other side to create a new shortcut, then climb up to reach the furnace where you’ll fight more enemies.

God of War Ragnarök_Althjof’s Rig 5

If you want some extra goodies when you’re done, climb down the new shortcut by kicking the chain, send the grapple to the top, climb back up, and grapple across. You’ll get a Leviathan Ax runic ability called Njord’s Tempest.

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