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If you want to travel to the fiery realm of Muspelheim and complete the optional combat challenges to get some of God of War Ragnarök’s best armor, you’ll find have to track down the Muspelheim Seed halves.

You can find the first Muspelheim Seed Half fairly early in the game, when you reach the Bay of Bounty. Head to the hidden region called Modvitnir’s Rig on the south side. Deal with the wretches that spawn, and climb up until you reach a locked gate.

God of War Ragnarök_Muspelheim seed halves map location

Throw your ax into the switch here to open it up, then hop over the gap and shimmy around the platform. Deal with the wretches up top and open the chest for your first Muspelheim Seed Half.

Spoilers for the second half of the game follow.

To get the second Muspelheim Seed Half, you need to head back to Dragon Beach in Svartalfheim once you’ve unlocked the spear. On the north side of the island, climb up the chain and climb up the next area by throwing your spear into the spot to climb further.

God of War Ragnarök_Muspelheim seed halves

Head along the bridge and through the cave on the left. Fight the enemies here, then grab a firebomb from nearby before lobbing it at the golden chest. The Muspelheim seed half is inside.

Once you have both halves, you’re able to travel to the combat trials in Muspelheim.