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FF7 Rebirth: How to romance Aerith

Full breakdown of everything you need to get the intimate date with Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Aerith romance gives you plenty of chances to help Cloud grow closer with Midgar's most mysterious flower girl - if you know where to find them. Like other Rebirth romances, your relationship with Aerith changes at key points, during side quests, and in specific conversations you have to go out of your way to find.

Our FF7 Rebirth Aerith romance guide goes over how to raise Cloud’s relationship with Aerith, all the side quests featuring Aerith, and the best dialogue choices.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to romance Aerith

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Aerith, standing in a grassy field and speaking to Cloud about helping people in need

Aerith likes helping people out, so you should too.

Rebirth’s Aerith romance works similarly to others in the RPG, including the Tifa romance. Picking the right dialogue choices during key story moments, completing side quests with Aerith, and using her synergy abilities with Cloud in battle go a long way toward deepening Cloud’s relationship with her.

However, there’s a small handful of other ways to affect it as well, including matching Aerith’s swimsuit with Cloud’s at Costa Del Sol, choosing kind and considerate dialogue options during side quests, and keeping Aerith in your party as often as possible.

You’ll also want to:

  • Team up with Aerith and Barret during the Costa Del Sol fight against Shinra soldiers
  • Choose Aerith for the Loveless experience
  • Find all the soldiers in Junon and get the maximum amount of points
    • This action will boost Cloud’s relationship with everyone in the party

Pressing the “L1” button outside of combat displays a little smiley face icon above your party members’ heads that represents how close you are with them.

All FF7 Rebirth Aerith dialogue choices

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Aerith, facing away from the camera and looking over the sunlit rooftops of Kalm

Be nice to Aerith.

After most major story moments, Cloud can have a conversation with every party member, including Aerith. During these, you need to make at least one dialogue choice that will affect the two’s relationship.

Aerith Kalm dialogue choice

Aerith is waiting for you outside the bookstore, and since you have to visit the store, this conversation’s pretty much unmissable.

  • Wanna climb the clock tower together?
  • Pick “Sure, let’s”

Aerith Junon dialogue choice

After everyone retires to the in following the Terror of the Deep boss fight, speak with Aerith in her room. Rebirth does a little fake-out here with a scripted cutscene that suggests Aerith has nothing else to say. After Red leaves her room, go inside and speak with her.

  • Do you remember the first time we met?
  • Pick “You shoved a flower in my face”
    • Some players reported a relationship change if you choose “The church, right?” but the flower option is what did it for me.

Aerith Costa Del Sol dialogue choice

Find Aerith on the beach in Costa Del Sol after the Gastropod battle.

  • I start thinking things so dark and ugly that it scares me
  • Pick “They’re just thoughts”

Aerith Gongaga dialogue choice

Speak with Aerith after you visit Zack’s house and speak with his parents.

  • Pretty selfish, huh? Waltzing in there, stirring up memories
  • Pick “They didn’t seem to mind”

Aerith Cosmo Canyon dialogue choice

Aerith is debating whether to make a speech after a cutscene.

  • What will you do?
  • Pick “Encourage her”

Aerith Nibelheim dialogue choice

Go to the water tower in the center of Nibelheim for a scene with Aerith.

  • You never came up here hopin’ she’d wave?
  • Pick “Sounds like something I’d do”

FF7 Rebirth Aerith side quests

FF7 Rebirth's Chloe, holding a flower crown and standing behind the counter of her chocobo ranch store

Aerith's side quests explore more of her background as well, so it's a win-win

Aerith has side quests sprinkled throughout the game, with two near the end in Chapter 12, before the final Gold Saucer date.

  • Chapter 2 (Grasslands) – Flowers from the Hill
    • Speak with Chloe after unlocking your first chocobo
  • Chapter 4 (Junon) – Stuck in a Rut
    • Speak with Gabe near the Remnawave tower just outside Junon. You have to do this to unlock the region’s chocobo anyway.
  • Chapter 7 (Costa Del Sol) – Rendezvous in Costa Del Sol
    • Available after you begin Chapter 7
  • Chapter 9 (Gongaga) – The Spice of Life
    • Complete the “Teach Me, Great Warrior” quest, which becomes available after you clear the Gongaga reactor
  • Chapter 10 (Cosmo Canyon) – Absence of a Sign
    • Start from the Cosmo Canyon message board after completing Uninvited Guests
  • Chapter 12 (Junon) – Beneath Still Waters
    • Must complete main quest “Tides of War and Worry” side quest. You can get both from the Under Junon message board.
  • Chapter 12 (Gongaga) – Woodland Vigil
    • Unlocks after you complete Spice of Life and Escape from Writer’s Block

Participating in, and winning, the Gold Saucer coliseum challenges in the Sand and Circuses quest will also give your relationship with Aerith – and the rest of the party – a slight bump.

FF7 Rebirth Aerith swimsuit

When you purchase Cloud’s swimsuit in Costa Del Sol and change into it for the first time, you can also change Aerith’s and Tifa’s outfits. You get a relationship boost if you pick suits for them that match Cloud’s.

  • If you pick Cloud’s Wild Surf suit, Aerith should get her Pink Mermaid outfit
  • If Cloud dons Ocean Chocobo, give Aerith the Floral Delight suit

FF7 Rebirth Aerith Gold Saucer dates

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Aerith, looking to the right with an expression of optimism on her face

Prioritize your relationship with Aerith over other party members to ensure she's your date partner in Chapter 12

Rebirth has two Gold Saucer dates, one in Chapter 8 and the big one in Chapter 12. The first date happens in Chapter 8 when you first visit the Saucer. If Cloud’s relationship with Aerith is stronger than his bond with other party members, they’ll spend the evening in the park together at night.

The Chapter 12 date is the one with a bit of romance attached, depending on how things play out. If Aerith’s bond with Cloud is stronger than Cloud’s relationships with other party members, she’ll show up when you rest at the hotel for the evening, after finding Dio. You’ll either get an intimate scene on the Ferris wheel or a “normal” date.