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When you’re searching for Groa’s Shrine, you’ll come to a room at the top of the winding staircase where there are two statues. The one on the left is leaning off its base while the one on the right is standing straight. Here’s what you need to do to open the door.

  • First off, have Atreus fire a sonic arrow at the statue on the right’s base.
  • This will cause it to lean right.
  • Once it’s leaning, use your blades to yank it left, opening up a route to climb behind it.
  • Climb up and you’ll be able to grapple across the hall so you’re behind the other statue, where there’s another thing to break with sonic arrows on its back.
  • The left statue will then lean even more.
  • Now use your chains to yank this one to the left (from behind).
  • This will expose a connector that you can break apart by throwing your ax, snapping off one of its wings.
  • Now throw your ax at the back of the shield with the twilight stone on it and you’ll snap off the other wing, causing it to lean forward.
  • Swing back over to the other side and look at the shield.
  • You’re now able to throw your ax from this angle to make it hit the stone near the exit.

Keep exploring and you’ll soon make your way to the Alva boss battle – a proper test for your shield strikes. 

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