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When you arrive at the island and dock your boat to find the key on the island, you’ll see some gilded metal on your right, with an explosive pot conveniently placed next to it. Throw your ax at the pot to clear the rubble away and fight the wretches that appear, but keep pushing forward because you need to make it to the nest at the top of the slope. Destroy it to stop them from spawning.

God of War Ragnarök_the weight of chains 1

Climb up onto the platform behind where the next was and head to the far left corner, where you’ll find more debris and another explosive jar. You know what to do. Once cleared away, climb along the path and up the other side. You’ll have to destroy another wretch nest here, and you can also open the nearby gate for a shortcut back.

Next, use the wheel to lower the elevator. Once you’ve pulled it all the way back, throw your ax at the gear to freeze it up. 

God of War Ragnarök_the weight of chains 2

Then head back down the climbing route, but follow it along to the right, rather than the way you came from.

You’ll emerge on the lift, so recall your ax to send yourself up on it, then smash through the ground below by pressing Circle when you see the prompt. 

God of War Ragnarök_the weight of chains 3

Kill the enemy down here and then open the chest for the Watchtower Key. Once you have it, head back to the tower above Sindri’s shop in the middle of the bay and unlock the door. Once there, interact with the drum to reveal the hidden location, Lyngbakr Island.

Return to the Creature

Once the creature has risen from the bay, you need to sail over to it. When you dock, climb straight up and take out the enemies up top. On the south side of the creature, you’ll find more debris and another explosive jar. Throw your ax at it to clear it away and cut through the first chain. You’ll also have to throw your ax at the connection point on the creature’s fin when it’s raised out of the water. 

God of War Ragnarök_the weight of chains 4

This will clear another path close to where you climbed up. Hop over and take a right, then battle the enemies here.

Once they’re dealt with, climb up the chain on the right. You can find a lore marker up top. When looking at the lore marker, turn left and grapple over the gap. Smash open the chest for some Hacksilver, then head left and fight the enemies.

Kick the chain down and climb down the north side of the creature. Here you can cut through another of the creature’s chains. Again, once the fin is raised, throw your ax at the connector below the fin to fully release the fin. It’ll reveal a wretch nest, so make sure you deal with that.

This will reveal a fire bomb dispenser, so grab one and use it to clear the rubble next to the anchor you cut through. You’ll get a chest with Rawhide and Hacksilver for your trouble, but you’ll also see another dock below that’s covered up with debris. Head back for another fire bomb and hop back across before throwing it down to clear the rubble away. You can open the door near the firebombs to get a shortcut back to the area near the dock, but before you head back to the boat, grab a fire bomb and hop across the route to the west.

God of War Ragnarök_the weight of chains 5

Clear the rubble here and grapple across for a chest that contains Slag Deposits and Hacksilver. There’s also a small hole on the north side near the chest. Crawl through here for another chest of Hacksilver and one of Odin’s ravens.

You’re now free to head to the other dock on your boat and free the beast at the tail.

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