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Helldivers 2 Planetary Hazards: all effects

Just in case you found the fight for space democracy too easy
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Space is a hostile place with all the aliens and automatons being after your skin in Helldivers 2 as you get deployed across the galaxy to defend Super Earth. Developer Arrowhead thought it wasn’t quite dangerous enough out there yet, though, and added even more spice to the stellar battlefields of the future with update 01.000.100 – Planetary Hazards.

Extreme weather isn’t just a thing here on Earth, of course, and with its sci-fi setting Helldivers 2 can go a little crazy with the types of weather effects it throws into the fray to create chaos and difficulty. It’s best to be prepared for everything if you want to survive your next deployment, so check out all Helldivers 2 Planetary Hazards and their effects below.

Forget beautiful winter landscapes and prepare to face mighty blizzards.

Forget beautiful winter landscapes and prepare to face mighty blizzards.

Helldivers 2: all Planetary Hazards

Make sure to look up the effects and environmental conditions tabs in-game while you scout your next deployment zone, as this will inform you about which Planetary Hazard you’ll face.

Meteor Storms

Rocks raining down from the sky is never a great scenario, but at least it doesn’t discriminate between friend and foe so that you and your enemies are affected by the Meteor Storms in an equal manner. Randomly appearing throughout a battle, they can last up to 45 seconds.

Anyone hit by space rocks will suffer some damage and be knocked down, which makes them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. All you can do to avoid being hit is seek strong shelter.


You might think that Rainstorms are nothing compared to Meteor Storms, but you’d be mistaken. Unlike the sporadic episodes of rocks falling from the heavens, Rainstorms are a persistent and unavoidable effect that plague an entire mission from start to finish. They reduce your visibility by a lot, making it far more difficult to spot enemies and terrain features. At least your weaponry is not affected by the wet weather, so you can still count on your trusty flamers.


Unavoidable – at least no way has been found so far – for friend and foe alike, Tremors slow the action down tremendously by decreasing everyone’s movement speed temporarily.


Think of Blizzards as a combination of Rainstorms and Tremors: They’ll reduce your visibility and slow down your movements, which can be a deadly concoction of effects.

Ion Storms

Like Meteor Storms, Ion Storms appear at random and in short bursts. Unlike them, they won’t damage you directly. However, they do prevent you from calling in Stratagems even at the most inconvenient of times, so be careful whenever this condition appears.

Fire Tornadoes

Although mentioned in the patch notes for update 01.000.100, Fire Tornadoes have not appeared on any planet as of yet, so we can’t exactly tell you what they do – aside from it likely being a very bad idea to get caught by them, because storms and fire are generally a pretty destructive combination.