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Hogwarts Legacy: Find Rococo block puzzle

There's a fire block that's difficult to grab, but this guide will help you to find Rococo

During the mission where you’re tasked to Find Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll come up to a room filled with Ashwinders. 

Clear them out and you’ll see a puzzle on the floor that you need to solve to open the door.

You’ve likely done these puzzles before this point in the game. You solve them by placing using Wingardium Leviosa to place a block with the same symbol on top of the floor symbols, then you cast whatever Hogwarts Legacy spell is associated with the symbol on the block. If done right, the door will open.

What makes this puzzle difficult is how tough it is to get one of the blocks you need to this area of the dungeon. 

The first block in the Find Rococo quest is easy.

The first block in the Find Rococo quest is easy.

The first block — with the Levioso symbol — is up on a balcony to the northeast of the Ashwinder room. 

The second block is a fire block, which will require you to cast Incendio on it. There is a fire block in the previous room of this dungeon, but you don't need it, as there is another one hidden in this area.

Drop down from the balcony in the above image and walk up to the brick wall. It may take a moment, but the brick wall will disappear when you get close. Go through and there is the fire block in that room, just behind a barrel.

Go through and the bricks will close up behind you, and it won't open from this side. Instead, take the block up the stairs and you'll find another false wall to pass through at the end of the corridor. While you're there, make sure to pick up the treasure map for the Solved by the Bell puzzle.

Once done, cast the correct fire spell on the cube (when it’s placed on the floor symbol) and the way forward will open up.

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