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Hogwarts Legacy: best spells and combinations

Here are the best spells to use in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as some useful combinations

There are a lot of spells in the new Harry Potter game, but which ones are the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy? Perhaps it's the spells that make your wand spew fire, or maybe it's the abilities that pick your opponents up and throw them around like a ragdoll. 

In this guide, we'll talk you through the best combat spells in Hogwarts Legacy and give you some inspiration for flashy combos. 

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Before we dive in, let's look at all of your spell options and what quests you need to complete to unlock them. Obviously, we'll stick to spells that work in combat and leave the exploration ones out. We're here for a scrap, not buried treasure. 

Hogwarts Legacy: all combat spells

Spell nameEffectUnlocking condition


Turns an opponent into an ally temporarily.

Complete the side mission In the Shadow of Time.


Causes damage over time to a single enemy. 

Complete the side mission In the Shadow of the Study. 

Avada Kedavra

Instantly kills an enemy. 

Complete the side mission In the Shadow of the Relic. 


Deals heavy damage and causes an explosion. 

Complete Professor Howin's Assignment. 


Pushes opponents away with excessive force. 

Complete Professor Sharp's Assignment I.


Temporarily freeze and incapacitate enemies. 

Complete Madam Kogawa's Assignment I. 


Fires out flames in a short area in front of you. 

Complete Professor Hecat's Assignment I. 


Pull enemies towards you. 

Complete Charms Class. 


Raise enemies into the air.

Complete Defense Against the Dark Arts Class. 


Disarms opponents. 

Complete Professor Hecat's Assignment II. 


Casts a ball of fire. 

Complete the main mission In The Shadow of the Undercroft.


Flips enemies 360 upside down. 

Complete Professor Garlick's Assignment II. 

Arresto Momentum

Slows enemies. 

Complete Madam Kogawa's Assignment II. 


Turns an enemy into an inanimate object. 

Complete Professor Weasley's Assigment. 


Slams an enemy into the ground.

Complete Professor Onai's Assignment. 


Fires out a severing slash. 

Complete Professor Sharp's Assignment II. 

What are the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

The player character wanders through a sleepy hamlet in Hogwarts Legacy, perhaps wondering what spell combos they're going to use. 

The player character wanders through a sleepy hamlet in Hogwarts Legacy, perhaps wondering what spell combos they're going to use. 

The best spells in Hogwarts Legacy are Avada Kedavra, Confringo, Imperio, Crucio, Depulso, Flipendo, Diffindo, Accio, Descendo, and Transfiguration.

If you choose the best Hogwarts Legacy Talents, you can buff all of these spells to cause more chaos. With the Unforgivable Curses - Avada Kedavra and Crucio especially - you can build up curse damage on enemies before finishing off large groups with the Killing Curse.

If you invest in the talents that cause spells like Expelliarmus to apply the Crucio curse effect, you'll quickly be able to combo damage onto a group of enemies all at once.

Other good combos are built around aerial juggles, and you can use Talents to make many of your kinetic spells grab multiple enemies at once. 

Just bear in mind that your basic cast is a four-hit combo, and the fourth hit will send an enemy flying and end the combo. That means you need to use a spell in-between every three taps of R2 (or right trigger on Xbox). 

Here's an example of a good aerial combo: 

  • Levioso, cast, cast, cast, Accio, cast cast cast, Flipendo, cast cast cast, Descendo.

This particular combo is long enough that, by the time you've finished it, Levioso will be ready to use again, so you can keep juggling enemies for as long as you want.

Transfiguration is amazingly powerful too, as you can turn enemies into objects and then destroy them in one hit if they're weak enough. On top of that, there's a talent that lets you turn those enemies into explosive barrels, which you can then launch at other enemies with your Ancient Magic throw. Kaboom!

You also shouldn't forget about Petrificus Totalus, which is this game's stealth attack. You can chain stealth downs with ease and a little talent investment, plus, you can always pop an invisibility potion mid-battle to grab a couple more strikes if you're being overwhelmed.

Keep practicing stringing moves together like this and ordinary enemies will crumble under your power, with or without the Dark Arts. Still, you should use the Dark Arts because no one cares and you can one-shot most enemies with the killing curse. Who needs combos when you can one-shot fools? Exactly. Pow. 

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