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Hogwarts Legacy, the new game based on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, is finally nearing launch, and thanks to confirmation from the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account, we know exactly when it will be launching globally – that’s 12am February 7, local time for everyone with Early Access.

But we have even better news for you. If you have early access, you can cheekily start playing as early as 3am PST, February 6 – that’s a full 21 hours earlier than advertised for our West coast wizards. The same trick will work at 3am PST, February 9 for anyone lacking Early Access. How? Well, that’s simple: we owe it all to New Zealand.

In this guide, we’ll be breaking down how to change your PS5 or Xbox console’s region to New Zealand, and when you can expect to start playing Hogwarts Legacy in your region thanks to this cheeky trick. Keep in mind you will need to have already purchased the game on your account in order for this trick to work.

For more details on JK Rowling and Hogwarts Legacy's controversy, make sure to read our explainer.

What time you can play Hogwarts Legacy, New Zealand release time

You'll fight numerous big enemies.

You'll fight numerous big enemies.

If you’re using the trick we’re describing below, then you can expect to start playing the game at the following times. With Early Access and the New Zealand trick, you can start playing at these times from February 6. Without Early Access, you’ll have to wait until February 9.

  • PST: 3am
  • EST: 6am
  • GMT: 11am
  • CET: 12pm
  • IST: 4:30pm
  • CST: 7pm
  • JST: 8pm
  • AEDT: 10pm

Hogwarts Legacy New Zealand trick for PS5

Hogwarts Legacy screenshot showing Hogwarts Entrance Hall staircase

Hogwarts itself is well realized.

Unfortunately, the New Zealand trick is more difficult one PlayStation consoles. You will need to make a new account for the New Zealand region, and then you will need to purchase the game on that account – though, it’s possible that it could work if the game is preloaded with your main account, and then played with the New Zealand account. Still, it’s bad news for PS players, as it’s much easier to sort out on Xbox.

Hogwarts Legacy New Zealand trick for Xbox Series

A student riding on a griffon.

You'll be able to mount up and fly around the world surrounding Hogwarts.

It’s very easy to change your region on Xbox consoles, making this trick very useful indeed.

Navigate to the System, Settings, System, Language & location menus on your Xbox.

 In the Language & location menu, you’ll find the option to change your location or region. Swap over to New Zealand, and you’ll be able to start playing Hogwarts Legacy at the same time as the Kiwis!