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Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 achievements – How to get Balloon Impact 3rd and more

They put way too much thought into some of these
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If there’s one thing you absolutely can’t attest to the developers of Honkai: Star Rail, then it’s a lack of humor. Achievements are traditionally a field in which even games that take themselves way too seriously otherwise let loose, which means that HoYoverse goes at them without any restrictions – and you just know that update 2.0, which introduces a whole new area to explore, will be full of wild and surprising achievements to get.

We’ve listed some of the most entertaining of them below – and fear not: We haven’t included any related to the story. Naturally, you should get as many of these as possible, since all grant you a modest reward of Stellar Jade.

Honkai: Star Rail Dr. Stone Balloon.

Breaking some balloons? That's serious business.

How to get “Rules Are Made to Be Broken…”

This is basically a credo for Trailblazer at this point – and a running gag inside the community. To get the “Rules Are Made to Be Broken…” achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll need to be bad for once and violate Penacony’s traffic rules – even the Dreamscape has those – by getting hit by a vehicle. These vehicles will actually try to evade you, so you may possibly need to get a little proactive to fulfill this condition.

Related to that, you can get the “Bill – Board” achievement by making a Penacony billboard get hit by a vehicle. Serves those annoying little guys right for trying to get in your face with their ads.

How to get “Balloon Impact 3rd”

There are four punny Balloon-related achievements to be found in version 2.0, each relating to one of the playable areas of Penacony:

  • “FlyMe2theBaloon” – Golden Hour
  • “Balloon Gakuen 2” – Dream’s Edge
  • “Balloon Impact 3rd” – A Child’s Dream
  • “Penacony Balloon Rail” – The Reverie (Dreamscape)

You get these achievements by breaking specific Mr. Stone balloons in these areas. They look just like the other destructible objects on Penacony, but are placed in conspicuous locations – which means you’ll need to get creative when it comes to picking them off.

Honkai: Star Rail Balloon Impact 3rd screenshot.

This is the special balloon in A Child's Dream that gives you the “Balloon Impact 3rd” achievement.

How to get “Third Cone’s the Charm”

As always, interacting with the environment is a source of many funny achievements. One such example is “Third Cone’s the Charm” as it requires you to eat at least nine floating crispy cones during a single play session while you’re in Golden Hour. You can find these floating ice creams in several locations in Golden Hour, so make sure you never leave out a chance to snack.

“Deja Vu” is of course about interacting with trashcans in Penacony, while “Oti’s Economics” is awarded for repeatedly triggering the ATMs found around Golden Hour. Among these ATMs is a stuck one, which doesn’t spew out cash, and fixing it will net you the “The Wolf of Glaux Street” achievement.

You can also play matchmaker for a sentient crystal chalice, which will get you one of three exclusive achievements.

How to get “As fragile as a Crisp Cone”

Though you can’t exactly go on a drinking binge (though some of the NPCs you encounter clearly are in the middle of one), you can play pretend: Consume a Dreamy Cone, one of the new items you can synthesize or buy and then use, and then cast your skill on the wrong target to get the “As Fragile as Crisp Cone” achievement.

How to get “Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori” isn’t just a reminder that we’re all mortal, it’s also an achievement you can get in Honkai: Star Rail update 2.0 that will be somewhat rare at first. You’ll need to win the fight against the Memory Zone meme “Something Unto Death” while only having a single character left who’s able to take actions – and you only encounter this enemy a single time. If you don’t manage this feat during that occasion, you’ll have to wait until it makes an appearance in a domain or one of the time-limited modes.

Honkai: Star Rail Penacony screenshot.

“Something Unto Death” is not a pleasant opponent to fight.

For even more achievements you’ll need to know all Dreampeek Call locations and will need to know how to fix all Dream Tickers.