Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 – How to get all new balloon achievements

More balloon-related achievements await

Honkai: Star Rail’s latest location, Penacony, features several achievements related to balloons – if you keep your eyes open, you’ll be able to spot one hidden balloon in each area of the planet. Popping each of these secret balloons will grant you achievements, which are worth Stellar Jade – it may be only five units of the valuable in-game currency, but it’ll still get you in the direction of more pulls from the banners.

Dewlight Pavilion and Clock Studios Theme Park, the two areas added to Penacony in the 2.1 update for Honkai: Star Rail, continue this trend from version 2.0. Both levels feature hidden balloons to find and pop. Learn where each of them are and how to blow them up in order to get all Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 balloon achievements.

Honkai: Star Rail – How to get the Saga of the Dreamhaven Tumult achievement

Dewlight Pavilion, a private mansion in Sunday’s possession that’s being used for meetings of The Family, can first be explored from Aventurine’s POV as he’s been summoned there. Once you’ve reached the hall with the miniature model of Golden Hour at the center, you'll be able to enter the model town by approaching and interacting with it.

After unlocking the pinball machine and using it to ascend to the roof terraces overlooking the plaza, you’ll be able to spot a peculiarly placed balloon when looking over to another building while standing next to a pinball machine. There can be no doubt: This is a target yielding an achievement upon destruction – the “Saga of the Dreamhaven” achievement, to be precise.

Honkai: Star Rail screenshot showing the position of the balloon for an achievement.
This is where you'll find the balloon for the “Saga of the Dreamhaven” achievement. / HoYoverse

I was able to pop the balloon using Topaz’s standard attack, which had enough range to make its area-of-effect reach the target. Using any character with a similarly ranged move should be fine.

Honkai: Star Rail – How to get the Anti-Balloon achievement

You enter Clock Studios Theme Park for the first time while playing from Aventurine’s POV – just like Dewlight Pavilion. After having his head tampered with by Sunday, the control freak of the Oak Family, Aventurine is starting to go a little insane and suddenly sees his younger self at the entrance of the park. You can’t follow the kid through the main gate in the center, since that’s off-limits. However, the left and right side doors are open.

To get the Anti-Balloon achievement, you’ll need to enter Clock Studios Theme Park from the left gate. Head down the gangway for just a short bit and keep an eye on the right side – in the direction of the center gate. You’ll see a suspiciously placed balloon there. This is your target – if you can pop that balloon, the achievement “Anti-Balloon” is yours.

Honkai: Star Rail screenshot showing the location of a balloon for an achievement.
This is where you'll find the balloon for the “Anti-Balloon” achievement. / HoYoverse

Topaz’s standard attack worked out for me – it was able to reach close enough to the balloon to destroy it with its splash damage. Any character with a similar range and area-of-effect on their overworld attack should be able to work things out.

Of course, you can return here at any time, in case you’d rather play through the story first – the time Aventurine has is quite limited, after all.

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