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Herta Space Station, the starting area of Honkai: Star Rail, already contains lots of secrets you can uncover by interacting with the environment, such as the strange voice you hear in one of the rooms on board. Most of the areas on the space station are easily accessible thanks to the Special Pass that Asta, the lead researcher, has given you. There is one locked room in the Base Zone of Herta Space Station, however, that won’t simply open its door for you.

In case you attempt to use the control panel to get access, it will say that it requires a special triple authentication to give you entry. We’ll tell you how to get access to the locked room in the Base Zone in this guide.

Honkai: Star Rail – Triple Authentication required

The door control will give you some hints where to find the three authentication cards required to enter the locked room: they are in the Master Control Zone, Storage Zone, and Base Zone.

The access card in the Base Zone you’ll get automatically as a reward when doing the Road to Revival side quest on the station. That’s the occasion on which you first get access to this area in general, so you can’t miss it.

The access card in the Master Control Zone is with a NPC called “Man with Afro” – you need to talk to this man five times about his hairstyle before he finally relinquishes the access card into your possession.

Finally, the access card in the Storage Zone is found in the big room with the bridges. You need to solve the bridge puzzle to gain access to the compartment at the end of the room. Right next to the entry to that compartment is an item you can pick up, which is the third card you need.

Go back to the control panel in front of the locked room. Interacting with it now will allow you to combine the three cards into the Triple Authentication Card you needed.

Inside, a couple of powerful opponents as well as a treasure chest with a Light Cone await you. On top of it all, you’ll find several interesting pieces of lore here, as it turns out that this room is nothing else than the office of Asta, the lead researcher. You can find tidbits of information about her rich – like, they own part of space Amazon rich – family as well as her shopping list in there.