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Honkai: Star Rail is a full-fledged RPG with lots of little surprises and secrets to discover – and, of course, decisions to make. It’s completely up to you how you want to interact with the NPCs and the world the game is confronting you with. You can be friendly or a bit adversarial, always be serious and to the point or a bit of a jokester.

You could, for example, come by a mailbox with a letter being stuck in the lid. Do you want to be nice and push the envelope into the mailbox, or do you feel cheeky and throw it to the ground? If you choose to be friendly, Honkai: Star Rail will reward you with an interesting item, the Praise of High Morals.

Honkai: Star Rail Praise of High Morals.

The Praise of High Morals is gained by doing good deeds in the world.

That brings up the age-old question: What is the reward for a good life? Simply knowing you’ve done great deeds and helped others? While that certainly is part of it, Honkai: Star Rail has a fun and more material way of rewarding you for being a good egg.

How to use Praise of High Morals in Honkai: Star Rail

Sometimes being a good guy pays off. While exploring the world of Honkai: Star Rail you might discover interactions that are only possible if you have Praise of High Morals to “pay” for them.

One such opportunity presents itself in Belobog, the Last Bastion of Humanity. Teleport to the Space Anchor near the fountain in the city and get close to the pool of water. Start interacting with it and choose “Fish the treasure out of the fountain.”

Honkai: Star Rail fountain in Belobog.

Can't resist the urge to fish out some coin?

The game will then ask you to exchange one Praise of High Morals for the opportunity to fish a random item out of the wishing well. We’ve found random ascension materials and food items this way, but it’s certainly possible that something unique or more valuable can be fished out of this fountain.

Honkai: Star Rail use Praise of High Morals.

It's no problem if you've accumulated enough good karma.

Doing this will reward you with two achievements, one of them being called Karmic Wheel and reading “Find a way to use up Praise of High Morals.” The other one has to do with the fountain.

It’s advisable to be on the lookout for further opportunities to both earn more Praises of High Morals and use them up in some way.

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