Honkai: Star Rail character tier list

Find the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail to tackle the endgame

Honkai: Star Rail has many characters to choose from and that variety is necessary, since you’ll face a wide range of adversaries with different weaknesses. Characters aren’t just separated by their looks and personalities, of course: Each one follows a different Path – roughly equivalent to the character classes you’d find in many other RPGs – and commands a different Damage Type, about which you can find out more in our Paths and Damage Types overview.

Naturally, you’ll ask yourself what the best Honkai: Star Rail characters are as your collection is starting to grow. While the answer is almost always situational thanks to the combat system and the amount of possible combinations, a general ranking of strength is definitely possible. Some characters are more flexible than others, some simply offer more useful skills or naturally have a higher damage output. We've split this tier list into separate categories for the Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction game modes, as both require very different skill sets, allowing various team compositions to shine.

This Honkai: Star Rail character tier list offers you a general overview of which characters you should look to add to your roster and train up with a high priority.

Honkai: Star Rail – Memory of Chaos tier list

Memory of Chaos challenges require a mixture of single-target damage and wave-clearing skills, though the focus is definitely on the first aspect. You’ll want to include sustains in your teams as well, as this mode’s tougher enemies can definitely eliminate members of your team and prevent you from clearing the stage with all stars.

Honkai: Star Rail – Pure Fiction tier list

Pure Fiction challenges require wave-clearing capabilities above all else, which is why some of the characters that perform below expectations in Memory of Chaos can shine here. There often is no need to bring sustains in this mode, though it’s sometimes necessary in order to cleanse debuffs that may hinder characters from taking their turns.


Main DPS





Acheron, Himeko, Herta

Kafka, Black Swan

Ruan Mei, Robin, Sparkle

Aventurine, Fu Xuan, Huohuo


Argenti, Jing Yuan, Clara

Trailblazer (Imaginary)

Bronya, Tingyun, Pela

Luocha, Gallagher


Blade, Jingliu, Seele, Serval

Sampo, Guinaifen


Trailblazer (Fire)


Imbibitor Lunae, Qingque

Topaz, Welt, Xueyi

Hanya, Silver Wolf

Bailu, Gepard, Lynx


Dr. Ratio, Hook, Misha, Trailblazer (Physical), Boothill


March 7th, Natasha


Arlan, Dan Heng, Yanqing, Sushang


More characters are coming to Honkai: Star Rail soon, so we'll update this tier list with new entries once they've arrived.

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