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Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan answers – avoid fighting the Lordly Trashcan

You can solve this encounter peacefully
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HoYoverse really took the Honkai: Star Rail trashcan memes to another level with update 2.0, which not only introduced an entire sub-story featuring a world populated by trashcan people, it added them to Penacony’s other Dreamscapes as well. As you explore Golden Hour, A Child’s Dream, and the Dreamscape version of The Reverie, you’ll sometimes notice something out of place – a trashcan in the Belobog design.

These are Lordly Trashcans, powerful and noble beings that have probably been created by the Trailblazer’s obsession with the containers. Some of them, like the Riddler Trashcan or the Dreaner’s Bucket, can be reasoned with and may provide you with Stellar Jade and other great rewards after a heart-to-heart conversation. Others, like the Martial Trashcan, need a bit of a thrashing before dropping some valuables.

Honkai: Star Rail giant trashcan fighting giant Sampo.

Penacony is a bit of a fever dream.

These Lordly Trashcans can actually be very dangerous in a fight, because they hit like trucks and become more powerful with each turn, so you’re on a bit of a timer. In addition, they start without a Weakness Type and instead adopt the types of the first two attacks against them as their Weakness Types. Better try talking first, eh?

Luckily, we’ve got all the correct Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan answers right here for you to solve things amicably and peacefully.

Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan answers

Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan screenshot.

Succeed in the Riddler Trashcan's test and you gain some rewards peacefully.

The Riddler Trashcan thinks of itself as a creature of especially high wit, but the answers to the questions it poses are really quite straightforward, as most of the living trashcans we meet think of their species a little too highly.

  • Question 1: What is vast enough to contain all the world’s filth, yet delicate enough to be pierced by a pinprick?
  • Answer: A trash bag.
Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan question 1.

The Riddler Trashcan is a bit self-centered.

  • Question 2: What repels impurities, subdues filth, and is sturdy enough to endure the harshest winds and rain?
  • Answer: A trashcan’s lid.
Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan question 2.

Yeah, trashcan-centrism checks out.

  • Question 3: What is loathed by some but cherished by others? What is shunned by some and sought by others?
  • Answer: Trash.
Honkai: Star Rail Riddler Trashcan question 3.

Me? Damn, hitting hard there HoYoverse.

Since you can only meet each of these once per playthrough, I can’t verify whether there are several correct answer paths. It’s a similar issue for other Lordly Trashcans that question you upon meeting them – I’ll relay my experiences below, though.

For the Dreamer’s Bucket, my answers were “Trashcans” to the first question and “Snow” to the second question, which turned out to be correct – I got the rewards without having to fight.

For the Bucket of Fortune, my answers were “Wait for a windfall” and “Do nothing,” once again netting me the rewards without a battle.

I had less luck with the Philosopher Trashcan, as my first answer – “To hold more trash” – so offended the being that it came down to a brawl. Don’t choose that one, I guess.

Honkai: Star Rail Martial Trashcan screenshot.

The Martial Trashcan is out for a fight in any case.

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