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Imperial Mausoleum Goat Simulator 3: how to play the Imperial March on the church bells

This Goat Simulator 3 puzzle requires playing Star Wars' iconic Imperial March
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Goat Simulator 3 is stuffed full of challenges, but one of the most interesting of the bunch is the Imperial Mausoleum puzzle. Once you manage to climb to the top of the church you’ll find three bells, and you’ll need to activate them in a specific order. More precisely, you need to play the first few notes from Star Wars’ iconic Imperial March.

If you’re not very musically inclined or you just don’t want to slap bells about for a while, we have the solutions you need. In this guide we’ll be breaking down how to play the Imperial March and solve the Imperial Mausoleum puzzle in Goat Simulator 3.

Use the force to play a march, Imperial Mausoleum – Goat Simulator 3


Once you’ve rung the bells in the correct order the mausoleum door will open up, revealing a Star Wars-themed prize. Collect it and you can keep moving on with the game.