LEGO Fortnite v30.10 patch notes: cozy mode and expert mode arrive

Full LEGO Fortnite patch notes for update v30.10, including all the cozy and expert mode details
Cozy and Expert Mode
Cozy and Expert Mode / Epic Games

Much like the main Battle Royale mode, LEGO Fortnite is getting some major changes in the v30.10 update, mainly focused on letting you customize your survival experience. This update will cater to both expert and novice players, offering an easier or more challenging experience depending on what you prefer.

We’ll break down all of the biggest changes in LEGO Fortnite v30.10, so you know what to look out for when you load it up for the first time. You can also check out our Fortnite v30.10 patch notes if you want to know what’s going on in the other game modes.

Cozy mode – LEGO Fortnite v30.10

LEGO Fortnite Cozy Mode
Cozy Mode / Epic Games

If you want an easier time in LEGO Fortnite then Cozy mode is what you should turn on for your world. In this mode, enemies are much less dangerous, having less health and dealing less damage. On top of that, several of the survival features like hunger, temperature, and stamina are disabled, meaning you don’t have to worry about managing them.

Expert mode – LEGO Fortnite v30.10

LEGO Fortnite Storm-Wild Brute
Storm-Wild Brute / Epic Games

Expert mode is the opposite of Cozy mode, as it makes the game much harder. To start with, all enemies are stronger in this mode, but it gets even wilder, as enemies now come in Storm-Wild variants, which can take more of a beating and move much faster than their regular counterparts.

The scariest feature though is Perma-Elimination, which means that when you lose all your hearts, it’s over, and you won’t be able to play in that world anymore.

Totem of Return – LEGO Fortnite v30.10

LEGO Fortnite Totem of Return
Totem of Return / Epic Games

To help you out a bit in Expert mode, there is a new item called the Totem of Return. You can craft it with a Storm Core, which can drop when you defeat a Storm-Wild enemy. Having one of these equipped will prevent you from dying when your hearts reach zero. Instead, it will teleport you to your bed and then be used up.

Trophies – LEGO Fortnite v30.10

LEGO Fortnite Trophies
Trophies / Epic Games

If you brave Expert Mode’s toughest challenges and come out on top, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in the form of three different trophies that you get for defeating certain enemies. 

  • Defeat a Storm-Wild Brute then interact with a Level 10 Grassland village to get the Grasslands Trophy
  • Defeat a Storm-Wild Sand Brute and interact with a Level 10 Dry Valley village to get the Dry Valley Trophy
  • Defeat a Storm-Wild Frost Brute and interact with a Level 10 Frostlands Village to get the Frostlands Trophy

New LEGO-style skins – LEGO Fortnite v30.10

Fortnite LEGO Skin
LEGO Fortnite / Epic Games

As always there’s a whole host of existing Fortnite skins that now have LEGO versions available. With 123 total, it’s too many to list, but some of the highlights include The Herald, Tony Stark, and all of the NBA 75 skins.

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